How to Become an Esthetician in Michigan

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Medical esthetician performs Hydrafacial treatment on her patient

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Becoming a skincare specialist in Michigan is somewhat easier compared to other states, but you will still need extensive training before you get your license. Putting in the training hours isn’t enough – you’ll need to pass a highly challenging written and practical exam before you have the requirements needed to administer treatments.

So how do you become an esthetician in Michigan? Any aspiring providers will need to complete a training program in a licensed cosmetology school or beauty school (or finish an apprenticeship under a cosmetology instructor or its equivalent) and then pass a theoretical and practical exam. After this, they can claim and renew their license with the Michigan Board of Cosmetology.

How to Become a Licensed Esthetician in Michigan

Michigan’s estheticians should be registered under the Michigan Board of Cosmetology, and must pass all the requirements the state board outlines for anyone who wants to practice esthetic treatments in the state:

Once you’ve completed these requirements, you’ll be able to administer esthetic treatments anywhere in the state of Michigan. It’s possible to transfer your license out of state, but you’ll need to meet other requirements for making that happen.

How to Become a Medical Esthetician in Michigan

Officially, the line between a “medical esthetician” and an “esthetician” isn’t clearly defined anywhere – it’s more or less used interchangeably when referring to anyone who attended beauty school or who was a cosmetology student. Both require the same steps to getting their license and generally operate within the same space for skincare treatments.

However, there is a difference – medical estheticians often have more training in specialized skincare treatments, and generally command a higher rate for their services. They also work closely with medical professionals like dermatologists and plastic surgeons, while estheticians can usually be found in med spas and salons.

How Many Hours Does It Take to Become an Esthetician in Michigan?

According to the state board, an esthetician in Michigan should be able to finish 400 hours of training or apprenticeship before they can get their license. Keep in mind that this 400 hours minimum – you can get more if you’re trying to expand your range of treatments.

400 hours doesn’t automatically qualify you to get a license either. Students still need to complete the written and practical exams before they can get their license, and the number of hours you have in studies or training won’t bear any weight if you fail those examinations.

How Long Does It Take to Finish Esthetician School in Michigan?

Because Michigan only requires 400 hours of training to qualify for getting an esthetician license, you can reasonably expect to take around 25 to 30 weeks to get your license. The exact length of time will depend on your chosen beauty school or apprenticeship, but it shouldn’t take you more than a year to finish esthetician school.

While it’s possible to fast-track your education, we highly discourage students from doing this. Not only will this affect the quality of the instruction that you’ll receive, but you’ll also miss out on developing crucial skills that can help you in your esthetic career, even if you don’t practice in Michigan.

How Much Is an Esthetician School In Michigan?

Michigan has a fair number of esthetician schools and beauty academies, so there’s a somewhat diverse price point for enrolling in the training that’s needed to get your esthetician license. On average, it costs around $6,000 to $9,000 to go through the training required to become an esthetician, not including other expenses. Apprenticeships may be less expensive but can be more difficult to enter.

Financial assistance for aspiring estheticians is available, though the exact details will depend on which beauty school you go to. For more details, you can check with the admissions office of the school that you’re interested in attending.

Where Can People Go to College to Become a Medical Esthetician In Michigan?

There are several institutes in the state of Michigan that offer esthetician programs, all of them with a heavy focus on the practical applications of aesthetic treatments. But keep in mind that the best esthetician school is ultimately the one that helps you learn the treatments you want to administer, so check the programs of each choice.

Here are the skincare colleges you can go to if you want to get the training needed to get your esthetician license:

When choosing a school, it’s better to pick one that has passed the standards of the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). Not only does this ensure that you’ll graduate from a recognized program, but you’ll have the confidence that your training hours will be handled with expert supervision.

What Can Estheticians Do in the State of Michigan?

Once you’ve gotten your esthetician license, then it’s time for you to think about what kind of treatments you want to provide or specialize in. Esthetician training is incredibly versatile, and it’s possible to branch out to multiple career tracks as long as you’re willing to put in the time and get the proper training.

Here are some of the many treatments that estheticians can choose to specialize in:

1. Makeup Artistry

Makeup application goes far beyond the daily application someone needs for work or for special occasions – an esthetician who specializes in makeup also applies them to models, media, and other individuals who need to look their best constantly. This is a career path with plenty of exciting opportunities, and your services will more or less always be in demand.

2. Facial Treatments and Skin Rejuvenation

Facial treatments are some of the more common skincare services that clients ask for at cosmetic clinics and med spas. With a firm foundation in skin science and training and experience with cosmetic product application, estheticians are often the first pick for many providers and patients looking for skin rejuvenation services.

3. Hair Removal Services

Hair removal is another cosmetic procedure that requires a surprising amount of finesse. While not as demanding as other cosmetic treatments, estheticians are some of the few cosmetic professionals with the training and experience to administer these treatments properly. They’re also highly in demand and even spike during certain seasons.

Estheticians and Continuing Education

While there are a lot of possibilities for you once you get your esthetician’s license, the question of whether you should continue your education past that point is something many estheticians still ask themselves today.

In summary: if you want to provide better, more advanced forms of skincare treatment, it’s always the best choice to keep attending training and take courses that can expand the scope of your treatments. For those who really want to get into the most advanced treatments (think of Botox and dermal filler), it’s best to become licensed as a medical professional, as estheticians cannot administer these treatments.

However, there’s also some merit in simply getting hands-on experience and becoming better at what you specialize in, whether you’re practicing individually or if you’re employed by a medical spa. The key thing to remember here is that you must always look to improve your level of service.

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Getting your esthetician license in Michigan can take less time compared to other states like Utah, but keep in mind that more esthetician training is always better for esthetics treatments. Once you’ve managed to get your esthetician license, there’s always the option to put in more training hours so you can get a better job placement – or alternatively, secure the best income possible for your position.

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All content in this blog is for informational purposes only. It is not medical or legal advice. Please consult with lawyer or a medical professional.