How to Set Up Your Spa Room for the Best Client Experience 

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For information only. Not meant as advice in any form. Please consult your medical professional or lawyer.

For many people today, an aesthetics clinic or day spa is a place where they can go to relax and escape from the stress in their everyday life. It’s also their go-to destination for non-invasive cosmetic and skin treatments to maintain their youthful appearance. However, patients are not only looking for a facility with a variety of spa services but they also consider the overall feel and aesthetic of a space. 

So what can you do to enhance your medical spa room? When setting up your spa’s waiting area and treatment room, you should consider the overall mood, tone, and atmosphere of the space. You want to make your clients feel welcomed and at ease the moment they step inside your med spa. You should also carefully select your lighting, color schemes, furniture, wall art, and spa equipment

Tips on Setting Up Your Med Spa Room

Medical spas are known for being holistic beauty, relaxation, and wellness destinations. A spa’s goal is to help patients look and feel good about themselves, and this includes making sure that  they receive the best quality of aesthetic care and a comfortable experience during their treatments. 

One way that you can provide an enjoyable spa day for your clients is by decorating your treatment areas. The right interior design, layout, and careful selection of spa furniture and equipment showcase your dedication to offering professional services and highest standard of care to your customers. 

If you’re opening a new destination spa facility or renovating your current practice, you should invest in a team of designers that can provide assistance in setting up your space. Here are some tips to help you plan for your spa room setup: 

1) Prepare Your Desired Spa Environment

One of the first things that your clients notice when entering your med spa is your ambiance. It’s crucial that your welcoming area and waiting room have a serene atmosphere that will make them feel at ease while they’re on standby for their treatment. 

To help set the right ambiance for your space, you should select a color scheme that has a calming effect on a person’s mood. Most spa settings feature soft neutral tones, such as white, tan, cream, and earth colors. Unlike a beauty salon that’s usually decorated with bright colors, a med spa uses warm and light hues to create a sense of tranquility and relaxation. You can also place scented candles to improve the smell and aura of your spa. 

In terms of lighting, your reception area can have a soft muted glow from indoor bulbs or natural light to provide an inviting ambient. However, you can use bright or cool white lights inside the treatment room to make it well-lit for your esthetician and showcase the cleanliness of your space. 

2) Choose The Right Spa Furniture

You should also invest in high-quality spa chairs and tables to be used in your treatment rooms and lounge areas. If your patients arrive early for their procedure, it’s inevitable that they have to stay in the waiting room and your choice of seating will determine their comfort while they rest. If your chairs are uncomfortable, they may distract your clients and affect their overall mood. 

It’s also important to select the right reception counters for your aesthetic staff. The reception area is the heart of your med spa where most patient interactions happen. Aside from choosing stylish furniture, it’s also essential to consider the size and storage capabilities of the reception desk to make it easier for your staff to do their work and receive customers. 

3) Decorate The Relaxation Room With Beautiful Wall Pieces

Your aesthetic preferences also contribute to the overall value of your med spa. When you work with an interior designer in setting up your lounge and treatment room, they may recommend displaying interesting wall decor and artwork pieces that match your furniture and spa theme. However, it’s important to select only a handful of the best-curated pieces so your guest won’t feel overwhelmed during their stay in your spa. 

4) Ensure Cleanliness In The Spa Room

Your estheticians accommodate multiple patients a day and work on different procedures in the treatment room. For this reason, it’s crucial that spa beds, tools, and equipment are all sterilized before and after every use. This is done to ensure patient safety and prevent the risks of contamination and infection that may cause unwanted side effects after a cosmetic procedure.

5) Supply The Room With Proper Spa Equipment 

To complete your spa room setup, you should also purchase all medical equipment and devices that you’ll use to perform your procedures. Choosing the latest and highest-quality equipment is a good investment that will help bring in revenue for your aesthetic practice.

Common Tools and Equipment Every Med Spa Owner Should Buy

When making your spa equipment checklist, it’s important to consider the list of aesthetic treatments and beauty services that you want to provide. Here are some of the common equipment that can complete your luxury spa room setup:

  • Massage Tables: A private massage room is essential if you want to offer quiet and therapeutic massage services to your client. For this set-up, you should choose a durable massage table with a slew of adjustable features so it’s easier for your massage therapist to treat the clients.
  • Facial Beds: A facial bed is also a worthy addition to your spa room since it’s where your esthetician will conduct most skin consultations, exams, and procedures. Seating comfort, features, and appearance are all important factors that you should consider when choosing a facial bed.
  • Magnifier Lamps: A magnifying lamp is used by med spa practitioners to have a better look at the treatment area. It’s also used to identify a patient’s skin type and tone so you can create an effective treatment plan for their specific condition. They can be attached to a wall or have a stand or base so you can conveniently place them in your spa trolley.
  • Microdermabrasion Tools: If you’re planning to offer facials and skin exfoliating treatments, you should have microdermabrasion machines in your clinic. Most of these tools are handheld and can be easily used over a patient’s skin to remove dead skin cells and restore a beautiful glow. 
  • Towel Warmer Equipment: Whether you’re treating the face or body, it’s important to have soft high-quality towels that can be used to wipe and clean the skin. That’s why you should also invest in a good warmer that can keep your towels and bathrobes dry and heated before being used by clients.
  • Steam Room Equipment: You may also be thinking of putting up a steam room where clients can relax in a heated environment. A typical steam room can either have a hot tub or steam shower at a controlled hot temperature.
  • Storage Equipment: You should also ensure that your spa room has enough storage cabinets for your product inventory, supplies, and other treatment tools. If your wall cabinets aren’t enough, you can buy additional carts or trolleys where you can place other medical instruments and devices.

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The overall setup of your spa’s indoor and outdoor space helps your practice stand out and attract more clients. It also determines your patient’s satisfaction with your services, which is why you should always take the time to plan and design your spa treatment rooms for maximum comfort and efficiency. 

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