A Guide to The Essential Tools and Equipment That Every Med Spa Needs  

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When looking for a good medical spa, patients often search for businesses with high ratings and positive reviews. Another thing that clients consider is the variety of spa services and aesthetic treatments offered. While investing in the right people to perform different medical spa treatments is important, it’s also crucial to have the latest and highest-quality tools and equipment in your clinic. 

So what are some pieces of equipment that are most used in a med spa? Some of the essential med spa tools used by any aesthetician are spa and massage tables, facial beds, lasers, microneedling devices, and needles and syringes for injections. You’d also need storage equipment and sterilizing machines to provide safe med spa treatments

Traditional Spas vs. Med Spas Facilities

One thing that differentiates medical spa practices from traditional spa facilities is the equipment. With a primary focus on relaxation and providing basic skincare treatments, a day spa is typically equipped with basic cosmetic furniture, treatment chairs, and simple beauty products. 

On the other hand, med spas offer specialized aesthetic treatments that aim to address a variety of moderate to deeper facial issues. A cosmetic procedure at a med spa is also usually administered by a board-certified and trained medical professional. Some treatments included in a med spa’s offerings are Botox injections, dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing, body sculpting, chemical peels, and advanced facials.

9 Common Medical Spa Equipment That Your Clinic Should Have 

If you want to become a med spa owner, it’s necessary to invest in the right equipment and tools so you can provide a wide range of procedures to your target customers. Here’s a quick spa equipment checklist to guide you in preparing for your medical spa business: 

1) Facial Beds and Chairs 

A facial bed or chair is the most basic furniture needed in any aesthetic medical practice or day spa. They’re an essential part of any treatment room where most skin consultations, exams, and procedures take place.

It’s important that you choose a medical spa bed made with high-quality and durable materials so it lasts long in your practice. You should also consider its features and look for a facial bed with an adjustable armrest and reclining backrests so it’s easier for you to examine and treat the patient. A good facial bed will also ensure total comfort and relaxation for patients throughout their procedure. 

2) Massage Tables

If you’re also planning to offer therapeutic or medical massage services, you should search for a quality massage bed or table. Your choice of massage table will depend on the kind of massage that you’ll offer in your med spa. There are massage tables with armrests, while there is furniture where patients will lie on their stomachs and let their arms dangle off the table. 

You should also consider the thickness and material of the padding of the massage table. Most tables today use leather since they are durable and easier to clean. Since it also serves as a workstation for your massage therapist, you should make sure that its designs and features are ergonomic.

3) Injectable Tools

For any med spa that provides Botox, dermal filler, PRP, and hair loss treatments, it’s important to have a supply of injection tools in the clinic. With Botox and PRP injections, you’d typically need a thin, hypodermic needle for treating the face. Meanwhile, you can choose between needles and cannulas for dermal filler procedures. 

Needles are mostly sharp and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can use them in different injection areas. Cannulas are long, blunt-tipped injection tools and they provide smoother and less painful delivery of the filler material. Your choice of injection device will depend on the skill, injection technique, and preference of your physician assistant or plastic surgeon.

4) Facial Steamers

You can also get a facial steamer for providing a relaxing beauty treatment. Steamers are helpful for unclogging pores and cleansing skin by removing dirt, oil, bacteria, and other debris that may trigger the breakout of acne and blackheads. Your aesthetician can use them as a supplement after a facial or medical procedure since they also help enhance the absorption of hydrating creams and serums that are applied.

5) Magnifying Lamp

You may also need to buy magnifying lamps for your aesthetician to help them have a clearer view of the treatment area. They’re also used during initial consultations and help assist in examining a patient’s skin condition to better identify their concern before creating a medical treatment plan. Magnifying lamps come in various models and sizes with different features so you should choose the equipment which suits your practice’s needs.

6) Laser Equipment and Radiofrequency Devices

Most med spas are also equipped with the latest laser and radiofrequency machines to provide advanced cosmetic procedures. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as skin resurfacing, acne treatment, laser hair removal, cellulite removal, and tattoo removal. Radiofrequency and laser treatments are also minimally invasive so you can provide optimal results without the complications and risks from surgery.

7) Microdermabrasion Machines

Another popular equipment that you can buy for your med spa is a microdermabrasion machine. It’s useful for exfoliating dead skin cells and encouraging skin rejuvenation to minimize the effects of sun damage, aging, and pigmentation on a patient’s face. There are different kinds of microdermabrasion machines that you can choose from, but it’s important to select the one that offers ease of use and sufficient suction power for an effective procedure.

8) Sterilizing Equipment 

Med spas should also follow basic patient safety protocols in treatment rooms. This includes ensuring that all tools and equipment are sanitized and cleaned before every use. That’s why it’s also important to have a sterilizing machine that can help disinfect your medical instruments and injection tools to prevent the risks of infections to patients during a medical service.

9) Storage Equipment

You’ll also need to have enough storage equipment where you can put all your product inventory, tools, and supplies. While you may already have storage rooms, it’s still efficient to have additional cabinets or trolleys where you can place your products and machines.

Factors to Consider When Buying Equipment For Your Med Spa 

There are plenty of suppliers that provide equipment in the medical spa industry. However, as a med spa owner, you have the responsibility to research and compare the products offered by the different suppliers. Here are some of the factors that may influence your decision in choosing a supplier for your spa equipment: 

  • Quality: To provide the best med spa experience and optimal results, you need to use the highest-quality and medical-grade tools and equipment. This also means that your choice of machines should utilize the latest technologies and can be used to treat different skin types effectively.
  • Features: Your med spa equipment should also have complete features that can make procedures easier to perform. You can read supplier reviews and product write-ups to see if its features are worth the investment for your medical spa.
  • Price: It’s also important to consider your budget before buying any medical equipment. Check the cost of every product and review its quality to determine if it’s a worthy purchase and will provide you with the best value for your money.
  • Maintenance: You should also consider the cost of upkeep of every equipment that you’ll purchase. Make sure that your supplier has trustworthy customer service who can provide immediate assistance in case you encounter problems or repairs for your equipment.
  • Training: You should also check if your equipment requires aesthetician training to better understand how to operate the device. Some supplies offer product demonstrations and training as part of the onboarding process with your medical director and aesthetic staff. This is essential to ensure that your team will be able to properly and safely use the equipment. 

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A quality med spa should not only have a wide selection of treatments but also have the latest tools and products. Choosing the best equipment will make a huge difference in the standard of care that you provide to your patients and contribute to your practice’s profitability. 

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