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Dr. Pen M8 Replacement Needles – Bag of 10 PLUS 10 HA serum and 10 EGF masks


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Dr. Pen M8 Microneedling Pen is not included.

The Dr. Pen Ultima M8 is a professional microneedling pen used by various aesthetic practices. In terms of performance and quality, the M8 offers accurate microneedling and versatility that providers need to produce effective results. And its disposable needle cartridges offer a consistent, safe, and sterile treatment for every patient.

At FACE Med Store, we provide our clients with great deals and offer high-quality products and supplies at competitive prices. Our exclusive bundle not only provides the needles needed for a professional level of microneedling treatments, but nourishing skincare products that can enhance the results of every microneedling treatment.

Each bundle contains:

  • Dr. Pen M8 Replacement Needle Cartridges – 10 16-pin cartridges with adjustable needle lengths ranging from 0.25mm to 2.5mm.
  • PepFactor Skin Hyaluronic Acid – 10 5mL vials with applicator
  • EGF Mask – 10 sheets

When used together, you can take your microneedling treatments to the next level. Your Dr. Pen M8 can provide a consistently effective treatment that boosts collagen production while also treating specific skin conditions with the right needle length. Following treatment, you can apply hyaluronic acid and finish it off with an EGF mask to boost healthy skin cell growth.

We also offer Dr. Pen M8 Replacement Needle Cartridges (16-pin, pack of 10). Find more deals on popular aesthetic supplies and more when you browse and shop at FACE Med Store.

Features of Dr. Pen M8 Needle Cartridge Bundle
  • Additional EGF and Hyaluronic Acid treatment. EGF can assist in collagen production and skin tightening, while hyaluronic acid can help with keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.
  • Individual packaging. Each cartridge is sealed in sterilized packaging for your client’s safety to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Adjustable needle length. The needle can be adjusted to be as short as 0.25mm and up to 2.5mm. This allows you to provide collagen induction therapy, as well as treat a number of skin issues ranging from fine lines to deep scars.
  • Three-slot connector. Each cartridge is designed for a smooth and stable connection that can withstand the highest speeds on the Dr. Pen M8.
Benefits of Dr. Pen M8 Needle Cartridge Bundle
  • Better experience for your clients. Adding EGF and hyaluronic acid can improve your clients’ results. EGF promotes collagen and fibroblast stimulation, which can keep your skin taut and firm. Hyaluronic acid helps keep your skin hydrated and healthy.
  • Better performance and results from older cartridges. Older cartridges have a 0.25mm diameter and a 12-needle pin. The new and improved 0.18mm diameter produces thinner microchannels that are less likely to scar while still ensuring your body’s healing process. And the higher needle pin count allows the Dr. Pen M8 to cover more areas rather than needles being more spread out.
  • Tackle more skin treatments. Unlike other microneedling devices like a derma roller, the needle cartridge can be adjusted to different sizes that can handle a variety of treatments. For instance, treating skin discoloration requires short needles to pierce the superficial stratum corneum layer of the skin before moving onto longer lengths to penetrate the epidermis.
  • Improve your bottom line. At FACE Med Store, we offer great deals that can help your cost of operations and improve your bottom line. Get quality aesthetic supplies at competitive prices when you shop at our online store.
Using the Replacement Needle Cartridges Bundle

For DIY microneedling at home, avoid adjusting the needle length beyond 2mm. Improper use of longer needles can cause moderate pain, bleeding, scarring, and infection.

Before treatment, make sure that your face or your client’s face is properly sterilized. Don’t use your Dr. Pen M8 or any other microneedling devices on patients with active skin infections or open facial wounds.

Take out the cartridge from its sterile packaging and attach it to the tip of your Dr. Pen M8 device. Remove the white cover on the top of the cartridge before turning on your microneedling pen. After treatment, re-cap the cartridge and dispose of it in a disposal container for used sharp items such as medical needles and cannulas. Throw away all your used sharp medical supplies according to your local guidelines.

Following treatment, apply hyaluronic acid to the treated area. Finish with the EGF mask to nourish your skin.

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Dr. Pen M8 Replacement Needles – Bag of 10 PLUS 10 HA serum and 10 EGF masks
Dr. Pen M8 Replacement Needles – Bag of 10 PLUS 10 HA serum and 10 EGF masks


12 in stock

Purchase this product now and earn 376 Points!