How Much Do Waxing Estheticians Make?

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You don’t just wax your way out to be an esthetician; there are state laws that provide the required credentials expected from an aspiring body waxing esthetician such as an esthetician license. You can do so much as an esthetician, but perhaps you’re wondering if waxing is enough to augment your financial needs.

So how much do waxing estheticians make? It varies on the location of business, as well as the waxing skills and experience. Whether you opt for employed or self-employed practice is also another point to consider.

How Much Do Waxing Estheticians Make: A Guide on How Much they Pay Estheticians for Wax

On average, waxing estheticians earn about $30,314 per year in the United States. But this is the average of all the states in the US. The top earners make at least $46,500 per year across the country, but the salary range for waxing estheticians are approximately $23,000 to $50,000 annually.

You can get the best out of your esthetician career by changing locations as it is one of the determinants of how well you’re going to get paid. The top 5 cities that pay estheticians higher than the national average are as follows (in order):

  • Olympia, Washington ($117,340)
  • Waterbury, Connecticut ($83,930)
  • Denver, Colorado ($69,790)
  • Killeen, Texas ($65,020)
  • Naples, Florida ($59,560)

The place and nature of employment of a licensed esthetician also matters. If you’re self-employed, you’re most likely to have the potential to earn more money, which may range between $50,000 to $74,000. Below are the top paying places of employment for licensed estheticians:

  • Physician’s offices ($47,010)
  • General Medical and Surgical Hospitals ($46,010)
  • Health practitioners’ offices ($45,250)
  • Outpatient care centers ($43,010)

Waxing Services Offered

Aside from laser hair removal, body hair waxing is also a preferred hair removal service. With these procedures, you don’t just get rid of unwanted hair, but also ingrown hairs through a chemical peel and waxing strip. The professionals authorized to give you an incredible waxing experience are a body wax technician and an esthetic professional.

Like a body wax technician, an esthetic professional also offers the same waxing services. The difference is that the qualifications required from a body wax technician differ from an esthetic professional. It’s optimal to go to these professionals for waxing services such as hard wax, among others, especially if you have sensitive skin.

In some instances, they aren’t required by the state to get a license for esthetics whereas to be a certified esthetician, you certainly need a title to perform the other functions of a master esthetician. Furthermore, the waxing services offered by estheticians are as follows:

  • Bikini Wax
  • Brazilian wax
  • Underarm wax
  • Leg and arm hair waxing service
  • Stomach and back waxing service
  • Face hair removal
  • Hand and feet hair removal

So before you earn a strong salary from being a waxing esthetician, you need to go to an esthetician school and obtain qualified licensing services before you become a skin care specialist through esthetics. You can opt to be a paramedical esthetician (i.e, medical esthetician) or just be a licensed professional in esthetics.

Highest Paying Esthetician Jobs

While waxing esthetician specialists are among the highest paying esthetician jobs, you may also want to consider how much other esthetician jobs are paid, as well as their job description.

  • Injection specialist. The salary range of this job is within $34,500 up to $87,500 yearly. It offers the greatest possible potential earnings depending on where you’re located and what level of skills you currently have.
  • Lead esthetician. Estheticians specializing in this skin care service often make salaries that range from $38,000 to $64,000 per year. The salary range is also a relatively huge gap because how much you make may also depend on your location, skills, and type of employment.
  • Skin Therapist. These types of estheticians are skincare specialists who have completed a specialized training program to provide skin treatment services to clients who typically seek the services of expert teams at a physician office or medical spa. They may also help improve your hair growth and provide other cosmetic treatments. Furthermore, they usually have salaries that range from $33,500 to $58,000 annually.
  • Beauty Therapist. Unlike skin therapists which are usually employed at a medical spa or physician’s office, beauty therapists are employed at a beauty salon or day spa. The primary scope of their skin care services that these estheticians offer are beauty treatments such as hair removal, application of false eyelashes, and effective spray tans, among others. Their salary ranges from $26,000 to $52,000 annually.
  • Wax Specialist. For up to $23,000 to $50,000 per year, a wax specialist may earn as much as that range depending on their location and expertise. Aside from the different body parts that these esthetics professionals may work on, waxers may also use different hair removal method services, and tools depending on what the client needs or prefers. Other than that, they can also provide other skin care treatment services like other estheticians.

Estheticians: Thriving in European Wax Center

If you’re interested in building a career as an esthetician specializing in waxing services, you can start at the European Wax Center (EWC). With over 850 centers all over the U.S., EWC allows dedicated esthetic professionals to thrive in their careers. 

EWC’s proven methods and effective training elevates its purpose from being a wax expert to being every aspiring esthetician’s career destination. Aside from a fair per hour esthetician salary and a chance to enjoy the following perks and benefits when you apply at EWC:

  • Financial Perks. Employees should have firsthand experience of the products and services offered in their place of employment, which is why employee discounts are provided to them. Employees are further incentivized and motivated through monthly bonus pays at EWC.
  • Insurance Benefits. For optimal performance of estheticians, they are provided insurance benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance.
  • Employee Perks. Being an employee of EWC has other benefits such as paid time-off, flexible schedule, and retirement plan. We also have training programs that may further enhance your skill level to help you maximize client satisfaction.

How Much Do Estheticians Make at European Wax Center

Esthetic professionals at EWC always aim to maximize both client and employee satisfaction. Currently, the average reported salary for EWC’s non-medical estheticians is $12.97 per hour, while medical estheticians earn at least an average of $12.28 hourly rates. These rates per hour meet the national average salary. 

Depending on your skill level and expertise, you can even earn as much as $23 per hour by being a professional in esthetics, which is the highest reported salary for EWC estheticians. You may contact EWC’s customer service through their website.

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All content in this blog is for informational purposes only. It is not medical or legal advice. Please consult with lawyer or a medical professional.