How Much Does an Esthetician Make at Ulta Beauty

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Cosmetics and wellness have become a booming industry in past decades and more and more people are seeking non-invasive cosmetic services. Beauty clinics offer these non-invasive beauty procedures to address acne or breakouts, sun damage, oily skin, and take care of our skin and maintain its health and glow. These cosmetic procedures are performed by licensed estheticians to ensure safety and prevention of adverse effects like extreme redness and irritation, and to cater to even those with sensitive skin.

So how much does an esthetician make at Ulta Beauty? Estheticians at Ulta Beauty who do a variety of services including hair services, makeup application services, brow and wax services, and ear piercing services receive $15.69 hourly or $32,643 yearly, depending on the position, status, training, and additional skills and experience. 

How Much Does an Esthetician Get Paid at Ulta Beauty?

Services of an Esthetician at Ulta Beauty 

At Ulta Beauty, there are various services offered and done by estheticians. Hair services include haircut and styling, hair color including highlights and Balayage, and texturing. Makeup & Lashes services include lash Extensions application and removal, Lash Lift, Plump, or Glaze. There are also Makeup application services and even one-on-one Makeup lessons with an Ulta Beauty’s makeup artist.

Ulta Beauty also has Brow bar & Wax services which include brow consultation with a brow waxing expert, waxing and styling, tinting, trimming, and waxing services for the lip, chin, nose, ear, underarm, leg, back, chest, bikini area, and Brazilian waxing. Skin care services include different kinds of facial treatments, masks, and serum applications with enhancement procedures that can be added to any facial service. 

Recently, Ulta Beauty has added their new Ear Piercing services. Their licensed piercing expert pierces the ear lobe or the upper ear lobe with hypoallergenic earrings available at their clinic. Clients can choose from their assortment of 24k gold-plated earrings or medical-grade stainless steel earrings. 


The benefits offered by Ulta Beauty depend on Full Time and Part Time status. Full-Time Associates are offered the benefits of having a choice of two medical Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, with dental and vision coverage, company-provided life insurance and disability coverage. 

There are also flexible spending accounts offered, and other lifestyle benefits such as home, auto, and pet insurance and accident insurance. There is also paid time off and holiday pay.

Part-Time Associates are offered the benefits of dental and vision coverage, life and disability coverage, as well as lifestyle benefits such as accident insurance. 

In addition, all associates regardless of status can participate in the 401(k) plan with company match, and are all provided with Associate Assistance Plan, Associate Relief Program, and Training and Development programs, with 25% off Ulta Beauty Discount in retail products, and 50% off on salon services.

Career Development

Estheticians at Ulta Beauty undergo a targeted, strategy-based curriculum to enhance their skills and for their continuous improvement. At Ulta Beauty, individual potentials are identified and optimized as the estheticians are faced with challenges every day while keeping their satisfaction high with their jobs.

Average Salary at Ulta Beauty

The average Ulta Beauty salary is $15.69 hourly or $32,643 yearly. The highest paying job at Ulta Beauty is in the position of an Associate Manager which receives a salary of $70,652 yearly with an hourly rate of $33.97. 

Meanwhile, the lowest earners in Ulta Beauty still receive $18,000 yearly. Ulta Beauty branches that pay the most are in Seattle, Washington, and New York, New York.

Cities with High-Paying Salaries for Estheticians 

The five best paying cities for estheticians are Olympia, Waterbury, Denver, Killeen, and Naples. The average salaries in each cities are as follows: 

  • Olympia, Washington $117,340
  • Waterbury, Connecticut $83,930
  • Denver, Colorado $69,790
  • Killeen, Texas $65,020
  • Naples, Florida $59,560

How to Become an Esthetician at Ulta Beauty

Applicants can submit their application forms in-person or may also receive hiring consideration through employee referrals. Skills are a plus in Ulta’s selection process. Desirable skills depend on the position being applied for. For estheticians, the technical skills that Ulta Beauty is looking for are inventory, data entry, and makeup application skills.

After submitting the application form, applicants will be notified regarding their interview schedule. During the interview process, applicants will be screened depending on their communication skills and their knowledge about the beauty products and trends in the current cosmetic industry.

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Estheticians are professionals that can help you with your skin care and beauty needs. The average salary of licensed estheticians in Ulta Beauty is  $15.69 hourly or $32,643 yearly and may depend on the position, status, training, and additional skills and experience. There are benefits for estheticians from health and medical insurance, to lifestyle benefits and insurance.

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