What Is The Microcannula Technique?

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The Microcannula technique has transformed the cosmetic business and presented doctors with a unique, innovative way of offering facial fillers injections. The method enables doctors to slide the blunt tip cannula under the patient’s skin smoothly and without ripping the epidermis. What this means is that patients looking to enhance their appearance can now do so without having to endure a painful procedure that has nasty side effects connected with sharp-tipped needles.

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Microcannulas are a tool that every great injector must master. Patients want quick results with no downtime. Our microcannulas are high quality and a fraction of the price of our competitors!

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What Was The Alternative to Microcannulas?

Sharp Needles. Up until now, filler injections have been performed utilizing the hypodermic needle, a sharp-tipped tool that comes with several side effects. Since the point is sharp, inserting it into the skin creates a higher risk of cutting tiny blood vessels and producing harsh bruising. It’s not common, but it worth mentioning that by injecting a filler solution into the vein – and inevitably into the bloodstream – the patient could undergo a more severe reaction.

Microcannulas establish an improved form of the conventional hypodermic sharp needle, designed to eliminate all possible complications associated with sharp tips. The secret lies in the blunt end that makes both the injection of dermal filler and fat transferal methods considerably more straightforward and less strenuous on the patient. Microcannulas used for filler injections are relatively new. What makes them popular with doctors is their easy to use, simple utility, great results, and patient satisfaction. This has transformed them into a popular choice throughout cosmetic clinics and spas.

What Are The Advantages of the Microcannula Technique?

The round tip, along with the flexibleness of the Microcannula technique, presents numerous benefits over conventional sharp needles:

  • The device is more maneuverable
  • The chance of damaging small blood vessels is drastically reduced
  • Less damage to the tissue and less bruising
  • Reduced downtime since there’s only one injection point
  • Stimulate the production of new collagen
  • There are very few and infrequent side effects 
  • Perform the procedure quickly and painlessly

As many cosmetic doctors and patients can prove, trading the sharp needle for a blunt tip microcannula dramatically increases the outcomes of a procedure. The wide assortment of microcannula choices has allowed doctors to perform both cosmetic and more invasive procedures safely. The Microcannula technique is available in five different sizes. At the FaceMed store, you can find 18,22,25,27, and 30 size gauge microcannula’s at various lengths. We sell high-quality microcannulas that will perform any filler injection task you need. The results show that microcannula injections are the future.

These microcannulas can be safely employed with a variety of cosmetic methods and fillers of any type and viscosity, including Lip augmentation, soft augmentation of the facial filling, plumping cheeks, wrinkle-reducing, plumping cheeks, reducing saggy skin and bags under the eye.

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