6 Benefits of Using Microcannula for Lip Injections

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Lip augmentation has developed momentum in recent years and has rapidly become one of the most popular bodily enhanced sites. Proper lip augmentation is often about looking at the dimensions of a patient’s face to determine which shape best complements the rest of their facial features. 

Each practitioner will have a unique treatment approach to achieve the desired results. However, each will either use a hard needle or a microcannula for injection. This leaves the question: Which is better to inject with a needle or cannula? The cannula is definitely what many doctors prefer and here’s why.

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What is a Microcannula Injection?

Similar to needles, micro cannulas have a hollow bore, allowing the filler to pass through into the tissue. The difference is instead of a sharp tip like needles, cannulas have a blunt end. The method entails dulling the skin with ice, then injecting a small amount of local anesthetic beneath the skin with a tiny needle. When the skin around the lip is numb, a needle pierces the skin, and then the cannula is threaded into the puncture site providing access for filler placement.

Benefits of Using Cannula for Lip Enhancement

There are many benefits of using a blunt-tipped cannula for lip enhancement, including:

  1. Less pain: Having many injections with sharp needles around the lips can feel painful and sore. Many people describe needle injections as painful, while patients who are injected through using a cannula describe the sensation as “pressure.”
  2. Accuracy: When a Doctor uses a blunt-tipped cannula, they can inject filler more precisely to deliver the results the patients desire.
  3. Safer technique: A blunt-tipped cannula cannot penetrate an artery. This assures that it is a much safer option for any enhancement treatments.
  4. Greater Flexibility: With just one injection, a large site can be treated or filled, giving the Doctor much more flexibility. 
  5. Decreased risk of bleeding and bruising: Sharp needles can penetrate veins and arteries below the skin, a blunt cannula will push them aside.
  6. Minimal downtime: Sharp needles typically cause bruising and swelling, something that is hard to avoid. The blunt-tipped cannula technique reduces the possibility of swelling and bruising, requiring minimum downtime.

Why Use A Microcannula?

The choice to use a microcannula depends on the preference of the doctor. Although needles are easy to use, they are more likely to cause bruising or transfer filler substance into a blood vessel where they are not wanted.

The accuracy of micro cannula is one of the most sought after abilities for facial injections. The Microcannula’s allow there to just be one small point of entry for the needle. The flexibility of the microcannula then allows it to travel to various locations where the filler can be injected. This allows for minimal tissue damage and almost no pain. 

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Regardless of what the Doctor is using the utmost care should always be taken to ensure safety for the patient. For example, the tear trough region under the eye is more likely to bruise with a needle. Although not foolproof, microcannulas significantly reduce the risk of bruising and unintended injection into a vessel. Cannulas can also reduce trauma, discomfort, and swelling. 

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