How Much Do Estheticians Make in Texas?

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Recently, esthetician jobs are becoming more in demand as more people want to keep their skin smooth and healthy. But like any other profession, one of the biggest considerations to becoming a licensed esthetician is the expected salary – especially in places like Texas where plenty of healthcare centers and research facilities are found.

So how much do estheticians typically make in Texas? Licensed estheticians in Texas have an average salary of $34,386 per year or about $16.53 an hour. The exact salary depends on different factors like experience level, practice location, and the sum of wages, tips, and commissions they receive. Estheticians who own their practice also typically earn more if they have a loyal client base. 

Average Esthetician Salary in Texas

There are about 183,000 licensed estheticians in the country, most of whom work in places like a salon suite, medical spa, skin care clinic, resort, or other facilities. The job opportunities for estheticians seem endless, so many aspiring skincare specialists enroll and finish an esthetics program in their chosen cosmetology school.

Studying in the best esthetician school in Texas costs thousands of dollars, so it’s only natural for many to worry if their salary as an esthetician and skin care specialist in the future will be worth it. To help you decide and weigh your options, here’s a guide to the average salary of estheticians in Texas.

Average Salary of Most Estheticians

Licensed estheticians in Texas have an average annual pay of $34,386 or $16.53 per hour. Salaries can go as high as around $75,000 or as low as $13,000, which shows that there are lots of salary increase opportunities and career advancements based on the esthetician’s skills, location, and experience in the industry.

Average Salary of Self-Employed Estheticians

Self-employed licensed estheticians and those who manage their own practice usually earn more than the regular licensed esthetician. In Texas, self-employed estheticians earn good money at an average of $59,536 per year or $28.62 per hour – considering they already have a loyal customer base. Their salary may still increase as they build their reputation, gain more experience, and attract more potential clients.

Average Salary Per City

Licensed esthetician salary in Texas also varies per city. Here are 10 of the highest paying cities in Texas for a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician:

  • Frankston – $44,713
  • Dallas – $43,252
  • Oyster Creek – $43,185
  • Odessa – $42,619
  • Austin – $42,610
  • Irving – $41,702
  • Brownsboro – $41,649
  • Tenaha – $41,215
  • Cottonwood Shores – $40,901
  • Emerald Bay – $40,543

What Affects Your Esthetician Salary?

Part of the esthetician job description is being able to perform a wide variety of beautification and skin care procedures, including laser treatments, hair removal techniques, facial massage therapies, makeup services, eyelash extensions, and more. Their esthetician course also prepares them for their career through lessons like skin condition analysis, salon management, spa safety, and more.

With a cosmetology license and an extensive skill set, estheticians should receive a hefty salary as they serve clients in Texas and other places. However, a lot of factors affect the salary they earn for a year – such as:

1) Quality of Education

Unlike being a nurse practitioner that requires applicants to be registered nurses first, you only need to be at least 16 years old with a high school diploma to sign up for an esthetician school in Texas.

After completing their training program in a beauty school accredited by the state and the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences, the next step to obtaining an esthetician license is to pass the written exam and practical exam by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration.

Estheticians who spent most of their training hours in the best esthetician schools in Texas like Ogle School of Hair, Skin, and Nails, Texas College of Cosmetology, and Vogue College of Cosmetology are likely to earn more because of the quality of their training and education.

2) Wages, Tips, and Commissions

Some estheticians earn a small fixed hourly wage given by their employer in a salon or spa. Most of their earnings come from the sum of tips from their clients and commissions based on their performance. 

3) Location of Practice

The location of your spa or salon is also one of the biggest factors that affect your esthetician salary in Texas. Licensed estheticians in metropolitan cities with upscale spas and salons usually have higher salaries because they cater to affluent clients, allowing them to receive bigger tips and commission rates. But note that the downside of living in a big Texan city is that the cost of living is also higher.

4) Experience in the Industry

Salary increases for estheticians are also usually tied to their experience level and years in the beauty industry. The longer you work as an esthetician, the more you can expect to earn good money. Estheticians may also explore different career paths within the industry, such as:

  • Makeup artist – Estheticians who specialize in professional makeup application. They typically work in salons, spas, movie sets, or other locations.
  • Nail technician – Estheticians who provide high-quality manicures and pedicures to their clients to promote nail health and good hygiene.
  • Hair stylist – Estheticians who cut and style their customer’s hair. Some of them also wash, clean, and color the client’s hair.
  • Wax specialist – Estheticians who master different waxing techniques to remove unwanted body hair.
  • Massage therapist – They promote health and relaxation among clients through different kinds of massage therapy.
  • Medical estheticianEstheticians who completed training in the medical aesthetic industry. Medical estheticians usually work alongside other practitioners in a medical spa to perform and assist in more complicated medspa treatments.
  • Master esthetician – They’re licensed estheticians who received more training hours, allowing them to learn more techniques and perform a wider range of esthetic treatments.

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