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Facial Neuromodulator Injections Course


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Facial injections like Botox treatments have become one of the mainstays of beauty therapy, though these types of facial treatments require plenty of training for the best results. Clients must be able to trust their provider to give them the results that they want for their treatment, and going through training is the best possible way to accomplish this.

FACE Med Store has several types of online facial training courses you can choose from, including facial neuromodulator injections. This allows you to give better facial treatment regardless of skin type and can allow you to treat any patient regardless of their facial anatomy.

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Features Of Our Facial Neuromodulator Injections Course: Learn The Best Ways Administer Injections
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate injectors. This online course is suitable for novices and those who already have some experience with using Botox injections for facial treatment. You can either brush up on your basics or learn more about how Botox treatments can be used for a variety of skincare concerns.
  • Understand facial anatomy. Given that patients come in different skin types, skin tones, and facial anatomy, this online course gives you the knowledge necessary to integrate these differences for more successful treatments. Combined with other resources, this can allow you to administer advanced Botox treatments.
  • Learn how to manage complications. While classified as a non-invasive treatment, facial injectables like Botox can still have a range of side effects that your patients can experience. Learn how to manage these adverse complications, and prevent them from becoming serious events.
Why Go Through Our Facial Neuromodulator Injections Course
  • Improves your treatment results. By learning about the history, pharmacology, dilution, and different injection techniques, you’re able to provide better results to your patients.
  • Reduces the risk of adverse complications. With a section dedicated specifically to helping patients with side effects, providers can limit any serious side effects from happening, and improve their patient aftercare.
  • Gives you access to a wide variety of reference material. Combined with the other courses that FACE Med Store offers, our Facial Neuromodulator Injections Course can be an excellent reference material for your own treatments. Even after course completion, you may still access the learning materials for your own personal use.
Disclaimer About Our Facial Neuromodulator Injections Course

This online training course is only suitable for physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners as well as physician’s assistants. It’s not meant for patients who want to learn how to apply Botox injections to themselves.

This course is not a substitute for a dermal filler training course, nor does it give CME credits for your practice. Please look for a specific facial course that can provide these certifications instead.

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Facial Neuromodulator Injections Course
Facial Neuromodulator Injections Course


Purchase this product now and earn 310 Points!