The Benefits of Using Microcannula Injections

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Microcannulas vs. Needles?

Not much is different. A cannula is boiled down to being a tube that does not end in a sharp point – but has a blunt tip. That blunt end is the primary difference between a cannula and a standard needle. A blunt- or smooth-tipped micro-cannula is also defined as one being used as an injection device that is inserted via a sharp needle created entry point with a micro-hole, or port in the side of the cannula shaft.

When it comes to FACE’s aesthetic medicine, the words cannula and micro-cannula are frequently used in and are often interchangeable. You can check out our state of the art product here.

Regularly a distinction is made between the two terms based on the shape of the blunt tip. This is inaccurate, and a distinction is required so that doctors can classify it.

In other words, there is no difference if someone refers to using a cannula or a micro-cannula for subdermal injectable aesthetic treatments. However, besides this fact, there is still much uncertainty over the appropriate terminology, the exact definition of a micro-cannula, and the various product models available.

Here are some ways we at FACE Med classify a cannula:

  • Blunt tip shapes
  • Location of the side port
  • Length of shaft
  • Flexibility of shaft
  • The smoothness of the shaft
  • Wall thickness and internal diameter
  • The pressure required to deliver a product

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What Does a Blunt Tip Do?

Multiple ports are needed when using conventional, stiff, unflexible needles. Every injection port increases the likelihood of bruising. The sharp point on a traditional needle practically ensures patient bruising.

One main reason people avoid getting facial fillers is the fear that the needles used to inject the treatment will be too painful. Thankfully we have microcannulas to save you from your worries. To make injection treatments less painful, doctors have created a technique that takes the complications of pain mostly out of injection procedures.

Using microcannula, patients will experience less bruising, pain, and less tissue damage. Another benefit is that there is less of a chance of intravascular injections, and that supports both doctors and patients. Technology is changing, and with the use of microcannula, patients can relax a bit more when going in for an injection. 

What Are The Benefits of Microcannula?

At FaceMed we want to provide the best and least painful methods for our clients so that you can go home and recover quickly and not dread your next injection. That’s why we employ the best technology such as microcannula.

Faster. Now doctors will be able to perform your procedure more swiftly and with less pain on the patient.

Safe on blood vessels. Traditional hypodermic needles potentially damage small blood vessels, but using microcannula takes away this risk.

Minimal tissue damage. Patients encounter less bruising when using microcannula.

Faster recovery. Since there usually is only one insertion site when using microcannula, patients won’t have to spend as much time improving.

Rejuvenated collagen. Thanks to the design of microcannula, patients will experience stimulated production of new collagen, which will improve their facial volume.

Minimal side effects. When facial injections are administered using microcannula, patients are likely to experience less, if any, side effects.

Why Aren’t Microcannulas Everywhere?

Well, that’s probably because they’re relatively new in the medical field, and it’s going to take some momentum to overcome the decade’s use of traditional needles. After doctors use microcannula, they tend never to want to go back to standard needles. 

Studies on microcannulas have concluded that they’re better than regular needles. Fillers are one of the most common minimally invasive treatments available today. Over 2.4 million injection procedures were performed just last year. Now, with this technology, millions of people can feel much safer receiving these injections. 

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