Can Injecting Platelet-rich Plasma with Vacuum Pump Result in Penile Enlargement?

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While commonly used to treat an acute muscle injury, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections have been utilized for a procedure called the “P Shot”. This is a new treatment that involves taking your own blood, separating the white blood cells and platelet-poor plasma from the platelet-rich plasma which will be injected directly into the penile shaft. The procedure also uses a vacuum pump to stimulate blood flow in the area and help the PRP injections to disperse properly. With the platelet-rich injections, what the treatment hopes to do is boost tissue regeneration and growth in the injection site.

So can injecting platelet-rich plasma and a vacuum pump result in penile enlargement? It depends, as the procedure is still in its early stages and needs further research to definitively confirm its effectiveness in terms of boosting penile size and curing erectile dysfunction. At the moment, this particular PRP-powered treatment made for penile enlargement and also against erectile dysfunction can’t give you guaranteed results, but it does seem promising especially since it boasts decent success rates among people who have tried the experimental treatment. 

Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections and Vacuum Pump Make You Bigger?

PRP injections administered directly to the penile shaft can cause tissue regeneration to the penile tissue theoretically promoting growth and increasing sexual function. Once the solution has been injected the vacuum pump is used to help blood circulation and properly move the solution around the area.

With a concentration of platelets and growth factors present in the solution, the P-shot treatment so far has shown to be an effective treatment in causing penile enlargement and boosting sexual stamina. However, while the PRP injections do promote tissue healing and tissue repair, it’s hard to definitively say that it causes penile enlargement as most studies only provide anecdotal proof.

The P-Shot Procedure: Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Other Types of Sexual Dysfunction

Before having the P-shot procedure done for any reason whether it be to treat erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, and of course penile enlargement, you should be aware of how the procedure is typically done. 

While considered a non-invasive procedure, you should only get this treatment done by a healthcare professional as needles are involved. Consultations with your doctor before the treatment should give you a clear idea of what the procedure entails which will most likely include the following steps:

1) Applying Anesthesia to the Treatment Site

With 4,000 nerve endings found in the penis, it’s expected that the area is quite sensitive and susceptible to feeling pain. To counter this, before the doctor can administer the injections for treatment, a local anesthetic must be applied to the area. 

This not only makes the procedure more comfortable as it limits penile pain but also ensures that you won’t cause any risk by possibly moving during the treatment. The anesthesia used should wear off in a couple of hours after the procedure has been completed. 

2) Collecting a Blood Sample

Like any other treatment using platelet-rich plasma, a blood draw will need to be done to retrieve a blood sample from the patient. Usually drawn from the arm, it should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes and is no different from any other blood draw. Depending on how much your doctor thinks is needed for the procedure, anywhere between 30 mL but no more than 60 mL of blood is taken.

3) Separating the Blood Components to Derive the Platelet-Rich Plasma

Once the blood sample has been collected, it will be placed into a centrifuge for 10 minutes to separate the different blood components. As the centrifuge machine separates the components by density, the white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelet-poor plasma will slowly pull away from the platelet-rich plasma, isolating it for the P-shot solution. 

4) Injecting the Solution to the Penile Shaft

With the platelet-rich plasma isolated, your doctor will use a syringe to administer the solution containing plasma and blood-derived growth factors into the numbed penile shaft. Depending on your doctor, it may take around 4 or 5 injections to complete the process. Once the solution has been administered, the platelet-rich plasma and growth factors will aid in tissue repair and tissue regeneration within the injection site. 

5) Vacuum Pump After Injection Process

Due to the use of a needle, the PRP shots may cause some disturbance to blood flow within the blood vessels found in the area. To combat this, after the injection process your doctor will use a vacuum pump along the penile shaft to assist in dispersing the solution evenly. The vacuum pump will be used for around 10 minutes to increase blood flow to the area after the treatment and may be used for the next couple of days to boost recovery. 

Recovery and Possible Side Effects of The P-Shot

Unlike other surgical treatments for penile enlargement, the P-shot does not have a lot of downtimes as it’s considered to be an outpatient treatment. After your treatment session, you should be able to resume daily activities without any issue or major discomfort.

At most you may want to take the rest of the day off to recover but the P-shot will not require you to change your schedule for more than 2 days. The only activity that you may want to avoid for a few extra days after the P-shot is sex. This is because the injection sites may be prone to injection and cause issues to your sexual health.

While recovery time is minimal, there are possible side effects that you may encounter in the first week after the procedure. Minor side effects may include swelling along the shaft, scars, bruising, and discoloration all of which should fade away rather quickly.

In the unlikely event that the P-shot causes a major side effect or gives you an adverse reaction, it’s possible that you could get an infection or cold sores within the injection sites. If you do experience side effects like such, contact your healthcare provider immediately. 

Requiring Multiple Treatment Sessions and Results

As stated earlier, injecting platelet-rich plasma for penile enlargement is a new procedure that still needs to be researched and studied further to provide definitive results. While some people see results such as penile enlargement, improved sexual stamina, and overall better sexual health after just 1 session, others have reportedly needed multiple sessions before seeing the desired results.

On average, 3 to 6 treatments are necessary for more people to see any kind of enlargement or effect on sexual function due to the P-shot procedure. In the unlikely case that there is no visible result after 3 to 6 treatments, you may have a more serious condition of erectile dysfunction and should discuss other solutions with your doctor.

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