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The package contains the ASI online course and the 5-pack of exosomes.

Exosome therapy is a cell-free therapy used to improve skin elasticity and collagen content, appearance of wrinkles, pores and acne scars. Exosome therapy is also used for scalp treatments to improve hair regeneration. This online resource is aimed at experienced aestheticians (doctors, nurses and skin therapists) who wish to incorporate exosome therapy into their practice. This course is not an introductory course on skin microneedling or mesotherapy, which are covered in separate modules.

EL Immune Exosome: Human cord blood progenitor cell conditioned media extract. Our EL Immune Exosome (Type I) undergoes multiple specialized refinement processes to create truly pure Exosomes, and in addition, our Skin Booster (Type II) with the key ingredient PDRN is carefully blended to maximize its effectiveness.

Each unit includes 2 vials (1 Type I and 1 Type II)

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EL Exosomes Package - Table of Contents

What's Included

Online Lessons:

  • Lecture 1: What are exosomes?
  • Lecture 2: Function of exosomes
  • Lecture 3: How are exosomes derived?
  • Lecture 4: Company profile
  • Lecture 5: Exosomes in aesthetic medicine
  • Lecture 6: Use of exosomes in facial aesthetics
  • Lecture 7: Exomide Skin and Scalp
  • Lecture 8: Procedure
  • Lecture 9: Exomide protocol
  • Lecture 10: Side effects
  • Lecture 11: Consultation and Treatment Forms
  • Lecture 12: Final Assessment Quiz
  • Lecture 13: References

Recommended Pre-requisites:

Prior to enrolling in this module, students should ideally have completed the following courses or have had prior knowledge in the following:

  • Fundamentals of Skin Science, which introduces beginners to the basics of skin science and anatomy.
  • Skin Care & Skin Therapy: Online resource and practical workshop which equips practitioners to perform skin aesthetic treatments including microneedling.
  • Mesotherapy (Doctors and nurses only).

Upon completion of this module, students should be familiar with the learning objectives below:

  • Understand how exosome cell-free therapy works
  • Learn about the many uses of exosomes in the aesthetics industry and feel confident introducing this treatment at your practice
  • Safely incorporate exosomes into skin microneedling and mesotherapy treatments

Formula 1: Progenitor Cell Immune Exosome + Hyaluronic Acid Lyophilized 20mg

Benefits of Immuno-exosome

The immuno-exosome secrete from Dynamic Linker Cell (DLC) can fundamentally solve skin-related problems such as wrinkles, elasticity, regeneration, brightening, and sensitivity.

  1. Antioxidant – Antitoxidants protect the skin and other cells by fighting free radicals that can cause damage and signs of aging.
  2. Cell Proliferation – Promotes cell differentiation to restore collagen and elastin. Improve skin elasticity and reduces wrinkle.
  3. Cell Migration – Promotes cell migration to heal wounds and repair damaged tissue quickly & efficiently.
  4. Anti-inflammatory – Imhibits inflammatory cytokines such as IL-6, TNF-a ELISA assay to promote cell differentiation and elasticity.

First Detection of Immune Progenitor Cells

Inflammatory cytokines secreted by the skin immune cells cause the skin to wrinkle and cause degradation to restore collagen and elastin.

  • Anti-Inflammation
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Rejuvenation
  • Promote Elasticity

We found a family of immune progenitor cells in the study of neonatal umbilical cord blood and mass-producing the high-purified immuno-exosome from the DLC.

We’re studying whether the immuno-exosome secrete from DLC cells act specifically on T cells, dendritic cells, and macrophages of the immune system to reduce inflammatory cytokines and promote the skin cell differentiation and migration.

Immuno-exosome Purification Process

  1. Produced by culturing TIMEBIO’s Progenitor Cell originated from human umbilical cord blood
  2. Removing proteins efficiently like IL-8z EGF, PDGF, TGFb, TNFa, MCP-1z, etc.
  3. The only sterilization technology in Korea applying highly purified Immuno-exosome
  4. Ensuring the safely of Immuno-exosome raw materials with strict quality control
  5. ATO Standard’s core raw material

Principal Ingredients (Proteins)

  • PRX-6 Enzyme: One of the antioxidant enzymes that suppress reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the human body.
  • Collagen Type I: A key Collagen that forms the structure of various tissues.
  • Collagen Type VI, Alpha 1,2,3: Major collagen for skin fibroblast formation.
  • Retinol-binding Protein4 (RBP4): Essential protein that binds to retinol and delivers to skin cell.

We Discovered And Named DLC (Dynamic Linker Cell) or Immune Progenitor on Cord Blood Cell Isolation

Immuno-exosome is a pure exosome manufactured through purification and sterilization of DLC. It is a cell with completely differentiated biological characteristics from Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) derived exosomes.

DLC Exosome

  • Small size and compact.
  • High purity.


MSC Exosome

  • Large size & sparse.
  • Contains other foreign substances such as cytokines.

Formula 2: PDRN + Niacinamide 5ml

What is PDRN (Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide) of EL EXOSOME?

It is a DNA obtained by extracting from the testicles of salmonidae fish and a regenerative activity material exsting within the living body. This acts on tissue formation and cell division as a regenerative ingredient and helps to improve the skin within short-term period.

  • Boosting proliferation of multiple growth factors
  • Rapid regeneration of wounded skin
  • Solving general skin problems with the activation of micro circulation

Benefits of PDRN

PDRN, DNA unit that is a basic unit for supplying energy to the human body, with a hyaluronic acid (natural moisturizing factor) is the strongest skin moisturizing and regeneration facilitating solution that can simultaneously stimulate the regeneration and shiny skin.

  • Immediate skin supplementation
  • Skin tone up
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Normalization of inner skin
  • Strengthening skin barrier
  • Shiny skin

What is Niacinamide of EL EXOSOME?

‘Niacinamide’ is a typical whitening ingredient authorized its whitening and moisturizing effects by MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)

Most people use cosmetics when they have dry skin. But it is not so effective. So, for the dry and elasticity losing skin, delivering Hyaluronic Acid directly to percutaneous layer of the skin is the most effective way to feel the immediate effect.

If you use a Delivery Injector exclusively for EL EXOSOME, you can expect even better effect.

Exosome Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Program

Step 1: Diagnosis

Skin Diagnosis: Conducting a skin measurement to choose the right care method.

Step 2: Cleansing

1st Cleansing (I-Cleansing): To remove excess oil and impurities from the skin, gently cleanse with the Gentle Cleanser for approximately 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Step 3: Deep Cleansing & Exfoliating

EVE Facial: Enzyme cleansing based on skin condition, aiding in the easy removal of surface oils, impurities, and gentle exfoliation techniques to soften keratin. Removing aged cells on the epidermis. In cases of various skin troubles and inflammatory pigmentation, a 5-10% peeling ampoule combining glycolic acid and salicylic acid is applied with a fan brush to remove dead keratin for the first time.

Step 4: Toning

Toning (PICO Water): Hydration step using the PICO Water Tonner to increase the moisture balance in the epidermis, preparing it for nutrient absorption.

Step 5: Treatment & Nourishing

EXOSOME + DN64 Microneedling High-Functionality Regeneration (or Auto MTS): This pivotal treatment step infuses the skin’s dermis with regenerative energy through the use of a high-functionality Exosome ampoule. When used in conjunction with ultra-fine needles, a
process known as microneedling or Auto MTS, the absorption of the ampoule is significantly improved. This synergistic approach aids in the recovery of weakened immune functions and supports the formation and rejuvenation of the dermis.

Step 6: Finishing Treatment

Hydrogel Mask + LED Therapy: Using an eco-friendly bio gel mask to reduce skin stress and stabilize it.

Step 7: Protecting

Finishing (Skin Cell Repair): Finish with a Derma Cell Repair Cream and Sunscreen. At home, continue to use Centelbiome Repair (or True Repair Cream) for a minimum of two weeks after the procedure.

*Recommended Procedure Frequency:

  1. DN64 MTS Roller (When performing micro-needling at a depth of 0.25-0.5mm): Once every 2 weeks, approximately 5 times (a 2-month program). Afterward, for maintenance purposes, it is sufficient to perform it once every 3 months to maintain optimal condition.
  2. Auto MTS (When performing micro-needling at a depth of 0.8-2.5mm): Once every 3-4 weeks, approximately 3 times (a 3-month program). Afterward, for maintenance purposes, it is sufficient to perform it once every 5-6 months to maintain optimal condition.

Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How should the EL Immune Exosome be stored, and what are the shipping conditions?

The EL Immune Exosome, thanks to the process of lyophilization (freeze-drying), has an extended shelf life and does not require storage in a freezer. The freeze-dried exosome can be conveniently stored at room temperature.

Key Advantages of Lyophilized (Freeze-Dried) EL Immune Exosome:

  • Easy Reconstitution: Quickly and effortlessly returns to its original state for use.
  • Convenient Shipping and Storage: Can be shipped and stored effectively at a temperature of 4°C (39.2°F).
  • Long-Term Stability: Offers a shelf life of up to 36 months, maintaining the integrity of the bilipid layer and proteins within the exosomes.
  • Enhanced Efficacy: Demonstrates increased effectiveness when compared with liquid formulations of competitors, making it a superior choice.

These benefits make the lyophilized EL Immune Exosome not only easy to handle and store but
also ensure its high-quality and efficacy over an extended period.

How should Immune Exosome (Type I) be mixed with the PDRN skin booster (Type II) for use?

To prepare the mixture, combine the freeze-dried Exosomes (Type I) with the Diluent, which is the PDRN skin booster (Type II). After mixing, it is essential to store the product in a refrigerator at a temperature of 4°C. For optimal effectiveness, we recommend using the mixture within one week of preparation. This time frame ensures that you benefit from the highest concentration of exosomes and peak levels of exosomal protein.

How should Exosomes be used, particularly in the U.S. market where they are intended for topical application only?

In the United States, the use of Exosomes is restricted to topical applications. These advanced formulations are typically employed in two distinct methods:

  • Infusion via Micro-Needling: In this technique, Exosomes are infused into the epidermal layer of the skin, including areas like the face, hands, neck, and scalp. This is done using micro-needling methods, which allow for deeper penetration and more effective delivery.
  • Topical Application: Post-procedures such as laser resurfacing, micro-needling, or micro-needling with RF (Radio Frequency) treatment, Exosomes are applied topically to the treated areas. For scalp health and promoting hair growth, Exosomes can be applied through micro-needling or directly onto the scalp.

These application methods enhance the efficacy of Exosomes by facilitating deeper penetration into the skin. Whether delivered through micro-needling or applied topically after laser treatments, Exosomes are used to maximize their regenerative and rejuvenating effects, offering significant benefits in skin and scalp care.

How do exosomes contribute to hair growth, and what is the recommended method for their application?

EL Immune Exosomes play a critical role in promoting hair growth, largely due to their anti-inflammatory effects. These exosomes contain molecules that are effective in reducing scalp inflammation, which is a known factor contributing to hair loss. They are frequently used alongside PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) or PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) treatments for the scalp.

For scalp applications, rather than using Exosome II skin booster as a diluent, we recommend mixing 4cc of normal saline with Exosome type I. This combination produces a solution that can be directly infused into the scalp. An alternative approach is the topical application of this solution. Both techniques leverage the anti-inflammatory and regenerative capabilities of the exosomes, aiming to stimulate hair growth and improve overall scalp health.

How can I trust the quality of EL Immune Exosome, given the importance of source reliability, extraction quality, and safety verification?

Source Reliability: EL Immune Exosomes are sourced from neonatal umbilical cord blood, a highly regarded alternative to bone marrow stem cells. We utilize advanced mass-production techniques to ensure the high purity of these immune Exosomes.

Extraction Quality: The claim of ’10 billion Exosomes per bottle’ needs to be understood in context. True Exosomes are proteins sized between 30 to 150 nanometers, part of the extracellular vesicles (EVs) secreted by cells. Our EL Immune Exosomes are within the 90 to 100 nanometer range. We employ cutting-edge technology to isolate and refine 0.1% pure Exosomes from stem cells. This high degree of purification significantly reduces the risk of side effects like inflammation and allergies, which are often associated with the unrefined growth factors used by other companies. This underscores the importance of high-quality, purified Exosomes over sheer quantity.

Safety Verification: Our EL Immune Exosome has successfully passed 12 rigorous toxicity tests, conducted by accredited testing agencies and in accordance with the strict standards of the KFDA. This extensive testing process validates the safety and reliability of our Exosome product.

How is the EL Immune Exosome prepared for use as a liquid?

Here are the instructions for preparing the EL Exosome (Exosome type I: 2ml) with the PDRN serum (Exosome type II: 4ml):

  1. To open the cap, follow the arrows indicating the direction. Carefully remove the plastic top and then peel off the metal casing. If the casing is difficult to remove, use a tool like scissors for assistance. Avoid using your fingers to prevent any cuts, as the metal can be sharp.
  2. Open the lids of both the Exosome I and Exosome II vials.
  3. Pour the Exosome II serum into the Exosome I vial.
  4. Secure the cap on the mixed vial and gently stir approximately 20 times until the powder is completely dissolved. Avoid shaking it aggressively.
  5. Allow the mixture to sit for about 5 minutes before using.
  6. To use the serum, you can draw the desired amount with a syringe that has a needle attached, or if you have a dropper, attach it to the mixed solution and apply topically as needed.
  • For scalp applications, instead of using Exosome II skin booster as a diluent, mix 4cc of normal saline with Exosome type I for use on the scalp. You can use the Exosome II skin booster separately for areas like the face and neck.

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EL Exosomes Package