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Gold Facial Vibrating tool for Injectables


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The Function of Botox Vibrating Tool

Facial vibrating tools are a way for aestheticians to keep their botulinum toxin or other cosmetic injections painless. They produce vibrations on the treatment areas to distract the nerves from sensing the pain that comes with the injectable.

But aside from pain relief during aesthetic procedures, patients at home can also use these devices to massage their faces. Applying the gold facial vibrating tool at least once a day helps improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage, as well as de-puff the face for slim facial contour.

How to Use the Botox Vibrating Tool

The T-shaped head of the gold vibrating tool sends mild vibrations to the injection site. This helps the facial muscles relax during the procedure. The brain only processes one sensation at a time, which is why patients get distracted from the actual pain and discomfort of the treatment when a vibrating tool is used.

Before injecting the Botox, Dysport, or hyaluronic acid filler, apply the vibrating device to the treatment area first for about 2 to 3 seconds. Continue doing this throughout the procedure and until all treatment areas have been covered.

Benefits of the Facial Vibrating Tool

  • Makes injectable treatments a lot less painful without the need for local anesthesia
  • Safe to use with different aesthetic procedures like Botox, dermal filler, platelet-rich plasma, and more
  • Also works as a face massager that sculpts the patient’s face for better anti-aging results
  • Made with 24K gold plating to keep the device working properly for a long time
  • Works for both in-office Botox procedures and at-home facial massage sessions

Vibrating Tools Vs. Zero Anesthetics

No matter how skilled you are as a nurse practitioner or aesthetician, some patients may still experience pain and discomfort during the treatment because of their level of pain tolerance. When topical anesthesia is out of the question, a vibrating tool is an effective alternative to minimize the pain in the treatment areas.

According to a 2011 study, patients who had Botox cosmetic treatments felt less injection pain during the procedure when vibration therapy was applied in the injection site. About 86% of them even preferred to use the vibration anesthesia device for their next botulinum toxin injection appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Botox Vibrating Tool

Q: Are vibrating tools good for the face?

A: Yes. Facial vibrating tools are mainly used by plastic surgeons and aestheticians to help minimize the pain and discomfort during a Botox injection, plastic surgery, or other aesthetic procedures. These handy devices also help patients rejuvenate their skin and erase wrinkles by enhancing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the face.

Q: Are body vibration tools more effective than topical anesthetics?

A: Both topical anesthesia and facial vibrating tools are effective in numbing the treatment areas and making the aesthetic treatment more comfortable for the patient. But when the topical anesthesia isn’t enough or the patient is allergic to its ingredients, facial vibrating tools work great for minimizing the pain and discomfort during the facial injection treatment.

Q: Can patients use facial vibrating tools at home?

A: Yes. Botox and other injectable treatments should only be administered by board-certified experts, but patients may add facial vibrating tools to their skin care regimen as long as they know how to use them. These devices help de-puff the face for a slim appearance. They also work great with different skin care products like serums and moisturizers.