Syringes & Needles

Here at FACE Medical Supply, we understand that syringes and needles can be a common expense for any medical practice. This is why we pride ourselves in the ability to provide the highest quality products such as Needles and Syringes at a competitive price.

What are Syringes?

Syringes are simple pieces of equipment used by medical professionals to collect and/or inject fluids in any given medical procedure. They generally consist of a sliding plunger tightly fitted into a tube.

What are Needles?

In a medical sense, the technical definition of a needle is “the pointed hollow end of a hypodermic syringe.” Needles come in types but are generally classified by their length and diameter and can vary from .5 inches to 3 inches. Determining the length and diameter required for a medical procedure is very important before purchasing because it can greatly affect the comfort level of a patient. As a rule of thumb given by medical professionals, the higher the gauge, the more likely it is to hurt.

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