Skin Care and Skin Therapy

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Discover how you can help your patients bring out their natural beauty and improve their skin health with our comprehensive Skin Care and Skin Therapy Course. This training module is designed to help skin care professionals in the beauty industry to develop their knowledge and practical skills in cosmetic procedures.

This course also covers the fundamentals of home-based treatments and provides insights on how you can make proper recommendations for a patient’s skincare routine based on their specific conditions and needs.

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Skin Care and Skin Therapy Course

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Skin Care and Skin Therapy - Table of Contents

What's Included

Online Lessons

  • Chapter 1: Pre Course Knowledge Evaluation
  • Chapter 2: Learning Objectives
  • Chapter 3: Recap On Skin And Facial Anatomy
  • Chapter 4: Recap On Skin Ageing
  • Chapter 5: Skin Classification Systems
  • Chapter 6: Self Assessment 1
  • Chapter 7: Skin Care – The Basics
  • Chapter 8: Self Assessment 2
  • Chapter 9: Skin Care For Specific Skin Concerns
  • Chapter 10: Chemical Peels
  • Chapter 11: Skin Science
  • Chapter 12: Types Of Chemical Peels
  • Chapter 13: Self Assessment 3
  • Chapter 14: Choosing The Right Peel
  • Chapter 15: Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Peels
  • Chapter 16: Self Assessment 4
  • Chapter 17: Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) Peels
  • Chapter 18: Miami Peels
  • Chapter 19: Jessner Peels
  • Chapter 20: Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) Peels
  • Chapter 21: Phenol Peels
  • Chapter 22: Self Assessment 5
  • Chapter 23: Patient Consultation
  • Chapter 24: Peel Protocol
  • Chapter 25: Side Effects
  • Chapter 26: Chemical Peels – Summary
  • Chapter 27: Microneedling
  • Chapter 28: Led Therapy
  • Chapter 29: Self Assessment 6
  • Chapter 30: Microdermabrasion
  • Chapter 31: Final Assessment Quiz

Features of Our Skin Care and Skin Therapy Training Course: What to Expect

  • Basics of Home-based and In-Clinic Skin Treatments. Whether you’re offering in-clinic facial treatments or home services, this skincare course will help an esthetician learn more about the best practices for addressing different aesthetic concerns. This will also help familiarize the facial specialist with the tools and instruments needed to perform a skincare treatment.
  • Understanding Different Skin Care Products. This course also provides a rundown of the common natural skincare products that can be recommended to patients. This will talk about the science behind the formulation of a skincare product and how its ingredients can affect a patient’s skin health.
  • Fundamentals of Skin Analysis and Management. Not all patients have the same problem and it’s important that you also know how to accurately diagnose their skin condition. This course will equip you with a better understanding of how to assess an individual’s skin type so you can confidently have an effective skincare treatment plan.

Benefits of Signing Up for Our Skin Care and Skin Therapy Training Courses

Guaranteed results and patient satisfaction.

Improving your aesthetic team’s competence in skincare treatments and cosmetic procedures can help ensure the best possible results for your patients. This may also help improve your practice’s reputation and establish your position as a leading provider of skin care and beauty therapy.

Broadened practitioner skillset and range of offerings.

By learning more about the different skin treatments, you can expand your practice’s menu and provide more advanced procedures to your patients. This skincare course explains the different functions of facial peels, microneedling, microdermabrasion, and LED therapy so you can offer more effective treatments.

Minimizes adverse events and complications from skin therapy.

Having an in-depth understanding of the various treatments and natural skin care products can help you avoid mistakes that may cause serious side effects to the patient. Upon course completion, you can also expect to have more knowledge about the best aftercare practices that will help your patients recover from their treatments.


Disclaimer About Our Skin Care and Skin Therapy Training Courses

This skincare and beauty therapy course is intended to be taken by a skin care professional who has a background and practical training in medical aesthetics. It’s not meant for use by individuals who want to learn about facial skincare treatments on their own.

This manual also doesn’t provide CME credits and should not be considered as a substitute for training courses that offer official certifications. Providers may still need to apply to accredited programs to become a certified skin care specialist.

Our Skin Care and Skin Therapy training course is available for a 6-months subscription. Call FACE Med Store for more information about this skin care course or get in touch with our customer support for questions about our products.

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Skin Care and Skin Therapy

$300.00 $240.00

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In stock

20% OFF Sitewide
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