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Cosmetic dermatology has become the foundation of all successful cosmetic practices and med spas. The capability to rapidly diagnose and recommend a treatment to a patient is what can help your business stand out compared to others: and to do this, you must have a foundational grasp of dermatology.

As a long-time provider of medical tools and supplies, FACE Med Store understands the need for a foundational background for dermatologists and other aspiring medical students. That’s why we’ve compiled this basic training course on dermatology, to introduce you to the key concepts and allow you to provide the best possible treatments for your clients.

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Cosmetic Dermatology

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Cosmetic Dermatology - Table of Contents

What's Included

Online Lessons

  • Chapter 1: Pre Course Knowledge Evaluation
  • Chapter 2: Introduction
  • Chapter 3: Ageing Skin
  • Chapter 4: The Ageing Process
  • Chapter 5: Cosmetic Dermatology Overview
  • Chapter 6: Cosmetic Dermatology: The Aesthetic Consultation
  • Chapter 7: Skin Conditions Due To Photoageing
  • Chapter 8: Skin Conditions Due To Pigmentation Disorders
  • Chapter 9: Skin Conditions Due To Sebaceous Gland Disorders
  • Chapter 10: Skin Conditions Due To Eccrine Sweat Gland Disorder
  • Chapter 11: Skin Conditions Due To Hair Follicle Gland Disorders
  • Chapter 12: Skin Conditions Due To Vascular Disorders
  • Chapter 13: Skin Conditions Due To Benign Growth
  • Chapter 14: Skin Conditions Due To Abnormal Wound Healing
  • Chapter 15: Skin Conditions Due To Adipose Tissue -Related Conditions
  • Chapter 16: Skin Conditions Due To Skin Cancers
  • Chapter 17: Summary
  • Chapter 18: Online Assessment Quiz

Features of Our Cosmetic Dermatology Course: The Basics of Dermatology Service

  • Learn the common types of cosmetic skin conditions. Providers will learn the basic skin conditions that need identification for procedural dermatology and learn how aesthetic solutions could best benefit each particular condition.
  • Determine appropriate treatment. Students will also learn about the best possible treatments to apply to specific cosmetic concerns in an effective way. This allows you to not waste too much time or resources on exploratory treatments, and instead get to procedures that work the best.
  • Interact with patients effectively. This training will also teach you how to best manage the expectation of your patient, especially if they may have no previous experience with cosmetic procedures. By learning this, you raise the standard of your patient care.

Why Go Through Our Cosmetic Dermatology Course

Improves your results.

With a comprehensive understanding of medical dermatology, medical students will be able to improve their treatments both short and long-term. This also improves your patient experience at your practice.

Prevents adverse side effects.

A significant part of this educational activity is aimed to reduce the incidence of side effects (both major and minor) during these treatments. This also improves patient experience, but can also help your practice provide a higher level of care.

Lets you access reference material easily.

After this training program, students will still be able to access the reference materials discussed for easy study. Not only does this guarantee a reliable reference for foundational dermatology, but this allows them to proceed to higher education with the proper materials.


Disclaimer About Our Cosmetic Dermatology Course

This course is only meant for nurse practitioners, medical students, doctors, and other trained professionals. It is not meant for patients who wish to learn dermatopathology or anything about dermatology by themselves.

Only the basics of cosmetic dermatology are covered in this course. No specialist subjects or other specific niches of a dermatology practice are outlined in this training.

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Cosmetic Dermatology


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