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Advanced radiofrequency treatments are one of the most popular procedures used today for tightening loose skin and removing lesions, cellulite, and other aesthetic concerns. This procedure makes use of RF energy to heat the skin tissue and stimulate new collagen production.

If you want to provide radio frequency treatments in your medical spa, having proper training and practice with the equipment is needed to ensure successful and safe procedures. FACE Med Store offers a comprehensive training course on the application of radiofrequency energy, effective use of RF equipment, and essential patient safety protocols and health hazards.

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Radiofrequency Equipment

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Radiofrequency Equipment - Table of Contents

What's Included

Online Lessons

  • Chapter 1: Introduction To Radiofrequency
  • Chapter 2: High Frequency RF For Benign Skin Lesion Removal
  • Chapter 3: Patient Consultation
  • Chapter 4: Radiofrequency Treatment: Procedure
  • Chapter 5: Radiofrequency Videos
  • Chapter 6: Post Procedure
  • Chapter 7: Before & After
  • Chapter 8: Final Assessment

Features of Our Radiofrequency Equipment Training Course: What to Expect

  • Introduction to RF Fundamentals. This training course offers an extensive background of essential RF components and what makes it an excellent treatment choice for the removal of skin lesions, wrinkles, fine lines, and overall facial rejuvenation. In this module, you’ll gain a better understanding of how RF technology works and how you can use the devices safely and effectively.
  • Supplementary Educational Training Videos. This course also includes sample treatment videos where you and your team will learn more about the best techniques and practices for utilizing RF equipment for different cosmetic skin conditions.
  • Guidelines on Patient and Occupational Safety. This radiofrequency training manual also provides practitioners with the standard protocols to ensure safe treatments in the clinic. This includes proper equipment maintenance and handling to avoid overexposure, heating, and other risks during the procedure.

Benefits of Signing Up for Our Radio Frequency Training Courses

Guaranteed treatment results.

Knowing how to efficiently use RF equipment will help you provide the best possible outcomes for your client. This can also improve your overall administration of cosmetic radiofrequency services in your practice to ensure patient satisfaction.

Reduced risk of adverse events and complications.

Side effects from RF treatments are not uncommon but you can minimize the risk of serious complications when you know safety precautions about how to handle and use the equipment. It’s especially important to follow these protocols when you’re treating a patient with a specific skin type.

Readily-available treatment guide.

This training course is a handy reference material that may be accessed anytime when performing RF treatments. Upon completion of this course, your practitioners may be able to revisit this guide and review the important uses and protocols to ensure effective procedures.


Disclaimer About Our Radiofrequency Equipment Training Courses

This online course is intended for aesthetic practitioners and technicians who have proper certification in providing radiofrequency procedures. This manual should be given to qualified medical professionals who are familiar with the common conditions in dermatology and know how to perform dermatoscopic skin lesion identification.

Our Radiofrequency Equipment Training course is available for a 6-months subscription. For more information about this product, or to know more about our other services, contact FACE Med Store today.

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Radiofrequency Equipment


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