Waist Binders

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Surgical procedures require patients to rest and avoid too much movement while their surgical wounds heal. At FACE Med Store, we offer high-quality waist binders that help patients move in safety, provide abdominal support, and manage the postoperative pain they experience. Our waist binders come in two sizes: Medium and Large.

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Waist Binders: Getting The Most Out Of Your Binder

An abdominal binder (also known as postpartum belly band) is a wide compression garment worn around the waist. They come in many widths and sizes, but they’re mostly used for extra support around the back and abdomen after surgery. Most medical professionals recommend wearing waist binders after treatments like hernia surgery, hysterectomy, spinal surgery, childbirth, and more.

Waist binders are mostly made from high-quality elastic materials with hook and loop closure. At FACE Med Store, we sell waist binders that can be prescribed by doctors after a medical surgery for wound care or used by patients at home while they recover.

How to Use Waist Binders for the Abdominal Region

  1. Hold the waist binder with its opening in the patient’s front.
  2. Stretch the binder until you achieve the right compression and wrap it around the abdomen.
  3. Pull the abdominal binder snugly and secure it by putting the left end below the right end.
  4. Check if the patient can comfortably move around with the waist binder before wearing their clothes again.
  5. Adjust the waist binder as needed.

Benefits of Waist Binders for Additional Support

  • Supports the abdomen after an abdominal surgery like childbirth, liposuction, hysterectomy, abdominal hernia, bariatric surgery, appendicitis, tummy tuck, and others
  • Increases the blood flow and intra abdominal pressure in the treated areas to help reduce swelling and promote healing process
  • Encourages patients to exercise sooner and prevent the formation of diastasis recti (part of the belly that sticks out)
  • Reduces back and abdominal pain and discomfort
  • Helps women fit into slimmer clothes when used by pregnant women after a childbirth

FAQs About Waist or Abdominal Binder

Q: When should patients wear a belly binder in the abdominal area?

A: This depends on the type of surgery the patient went through. Most of them need to continuously wear waist binders for up to 6 weeks. After the recovery, doctors may provide medical advice and recommend wearing the binders less.

Q: Is it safe to sleep while wearing a waist binder?

A: Right after the surgery, patients might need to wear the abdominal binder for 24 hours a day to experience the maximum benefits that the compression provides. Our waist binders at FACE Med Store are designed to look and feel comfortable. They’re also breathable, which makes them useful for patients who need to wear abdominal binders even when they’re asleep.

Q: How do patients know which waist binder is best for them?

A: Choosing the right abdominal binder is crucial for patients who just went through surgery. Each patient’s size depends on the measurement of the wider parts that the binder covers. It’s the hips for women and the waist for men. A good waist binder should tightly snug the abdomen, but not too tight that it prevents the patient from breathing properly.

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Waist Binders

Original price was: $38.00.Current price is: $38.00.

Memorial Day Sale - 15% Off
Memorial Day Sale - 20% Off For Orders Over $600
Earn up to 38 points.