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Ultrasound Probe


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FACE Med Store’s ultrasound probe offers the latest colored sonograms to improve your practice’s operations and services. With the latest technological advancements helping medical practitioners take strides in non-invasive imaging, you’ll want to have an up-to-date ultrasound that offers more power and function than larger, outdated models and can provide more accurate imaging to diagnose your patients.

Images are respective to the order of ultrasound types: C37C, C37B, C38B, B26B, and B26G

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Ultrasound Probe Types Specifications

FACE Med Store supplies ultrasound probes available in four types: C37C, C38B, B26B, and B26G. Each comes in varying specs and is best for specific areas for body treatment. We offer ultrasound probes with higher elements for better resolution and better frequency for more quality imaging results. Contact FACE Med Store for more information and assistance.


A high-end sophisticated single-head ultrasound transducer used for superficial organs. Used to create accurate imaging and better resolution for smaller, superficial, but crucial details where precise imaging matters most.

  • Type of Ultrasound Probe: Linear – used for small parts of the body and superficial organs
  • Element: 192
  • Frames per second: 12
  • Display mode: PW, PDI, Color
  • Frequency: 7.5&10Mhz


Top-of-the-line single headed ultrasound transducer best used for superficial organs. What makes the C37B unique is its needle guide kit, providing a more complete package for this ultrasound probe product.

  • Type of Ultrasound Probe: Linear – best used for superficial organs; vascular, thyroid, musculoskeletal
  • Element: 128
  • Frames per second: 12
  • Display mode: B, B/M, PW, PDI, Color
  • Frequency: 10&14MHz


Offers the highest element level among other convex-type ultrasound probes. A preferable ultrasound transducer for specialized practices like OB-GYN, hepatology, urology, and other branches of medicine that deal with major abdominal organs.

  • Type of Ultrasound Probe: Convex – best used for examining abdominal organs
  • Element: 192
  • Frames per second: 12
  • Display mode: B, B/M, PW, PDI, Color
  • Frequency: 3.5&5.0Mhz


A dual-head ultrasound probe, this model offers the sound wave features of both convex and linear ultrasound probes. This ultrasound transducer offers versatility for clinics and other medical practices that want two features available in one practical unit.

  • Type of Ultrasound Probe: Convex and linear
  • Element: 128
  • Frames per second: 12
  • Display mode: B, B/M, PW, PDI, Color
  • Frequency: Convex: 3.5&5.0Mhz; Linear: 10&12Mhz


The most powerful ultrasound probe among the four, it offers three functions that also includes echocardiography, which can allow you to get accurate imaging despite the fast-moving contracts of the heart. Also offers sectorial imaging to better detect abnormalities in the examined area.

  • Type of Ultrasound Probe: Convex, linear, and cardiac
  • Element: 192
  • Frames per second: 12
  • Display mode: B, B/M, PW, PDI, Color, Sectorial imaging
  • Frequency: Cardiac: 3.5&5Mhz; Linear: 7.5&10Mhz
Benefits of the Ultrasound Probe from FACE Med Store

Available in four models. FACE Med Store supplies five types of models, allowing you to get the best ultrasound probe for your practice’s needs.
Wireless compatibility with most operating systems. You can connect your ultrasound probe to any device with an Android, iOS, or Windows operating system to save and download imaging (requires ultrasound software installation).

Small and smart. Gone are the days of using a bulky ultrasound machine; these ultrasound probes take up less space and can wirelessly send its sonograms to your device of choice.

Convenient for carrying and operating. These are much more convenient to use in practices with more limited space. It can also be much easier to use and transport at a patient’s bedside or in the field.

Using the Ultrasound Probe

Ultrasound probes are used similar to a regular wired ultrasound machine. However, instead of the results of the sonogram being delivered exclusively to the attached ultrasound console, the sonogram is wirelessly sent to any computer, phone, or any other device with a compatible operating system and installed software. For more information and assistance, contact FACE Med Store.

Disclaimer of warranty

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