Cosmetic Threads – Mono Threads

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PDO mono thread lifts have been a mainstay of aesthetic medicine since their introduction to the market. It’s not hard to see why: with the ability of PDO thread lifting to tighten loose skin and lift problematic areas without surgical procedures, many patients are looking for this cosmetic procedure as a regular part of their skin routine.

For FACE Med Store, providing our clients with the best tools and equipment possible also helps us raise the standard of care for any patient in general. This is why we’ve created the Cosmetic Threads – Mono Threads course, allowing you to master the PDO thread lift procedure for the best possible results.

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Cosmetic Threads – Mono Threads Videos

PDO Thread Lift with Mono Threads

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Cosmetic Threads – Mono Threads - Table of Contents

What's Included

Online Lessons

  • Chapter 1: Objectives & Chapter 2: Introduction To Threads
  • Chapter 3: Concept Of Short Threads
  • Chapter 4: Short Threads: Treatment Areas
  • Chapter 5: Patient Selection
  • Chapter 6: Skin Laxity Assessment
  • Chapter 7: Contraindications And Complications
  • Chapter 8: Consultation And Documentation
  • Chapter 9: Short Threads Marking And Design
  • Chapter 10: Procedure
  • Chapter 11: After Care
  • Chapter 12: Steps To Learning Short PDO Threads
  • Chapter 13: Summary
  • Chapter 14: Online Final Assessment

Features of Our Cosmetic Threads - Mono Threads Training Course: In-Depth PDO Thread Lift Training

  • Learn the best cases to apply PDO thread treatment. Practitioners will learn the right circumstances where this specific type of PDO threading will best benefit the patient, including techniques on the right thread placement and facial anatomy studies. This allows you to provide a higher standard of PDO treatment.
  • Screen patients and manage their expectations. Given that PDO sutures may take some time before showing visible results, students will also learn the proper way to screen patients and set their expectations accordingly before, during, and after PDO treatment.
  • Implement proper treatment protocols during PDO thread treatment. You will also learn how to create the best possible environment for your procedure, including keeping a sanitized working area and other safe practices to ensure that nothing goes wrong during your treatments.

Why Go Through Cosmetic Threads - Mono Threads Training

Improves the results of your treatment.

By going through the foundational aesthetic training required for PDO mono threads treatment, you’re able to create a higher standard of care for your patient. With more consistent results, you can leverage the non-invasive technique of PDO threading for better long-term outcomes for your clients.

Avoids adverse effects.

PDO thread lifting may be non-surgical, but it doesn’t mean that it is exempt from side effects at all. Providers will learn the situations to watch out for during their treatments, lowering the risks of side effects for their patients.

Lets you access reference materials.

You’ll be able to go back to the information in this PDO thread training course after course completion, ensuring that you always have access to the material when you need it.


Disclaimer About Cosmetic Threads - Mono Threads Training

This PDO threads training course is only meant for medical and cosmetic professionals. It is not meant for patients who want to learn how to administer PDO thread treatments themselves.

This PDO thread course only covers mono thread treatments. For other types of PDO threading, please check other training modules.

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Cosmetic Threads – Mono Threads

$350.00 $297.50

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In stock

15% Off Online Courses!
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