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Fat reduction treatments have progressed rapidly from simple liposuction treatments. Today, patients have the options for non-invasive fat removal with treatments like mesotherapy or lipodissolve injections. Providers that want to stay competitive in the aesthetic medicine industry should look to include these treatments with their services, alongside the right training.

FACE Med Store provides high-quality medical tools, equipment, and training to cosmetic practices across the country. This includes weight loss treatments like lipodissolve injections, both the supplies and the training needed for a successful treatment.

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Lipodissolve - Fat Reduction Injections

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Lipodissolve - Table of Contents

What's Included

Online Lessons

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Lipodissolve Treatment
  • Chapter 3: Treatment By Area
  • Chapter 4: Relevant Neurovascular Structures
  • Chapter 5: Preparing Lipodissolve
  • Chapter 6: Injection Depth
  • Chapter 7: Procedure
  • Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Chapter 9: Lipodissolve Consent
  • Chapter 10: Aftercare Information
  • Chapter 11: Self-Assessment Quiz: Lipodissolve Procedure

Features of Our Lipodissolve Training: Safe and Effective Body Contouring

  • Learn the proper protocol for lipodissolve treatment. Students will learn the proper ways to prepare their patients for lipodissolve injections, comparing and contrasting the treatment protocols to other types of fat dissolving injections and fat loss treatments.
  • Target the common areas that turn into fat deposits. Practitioners can familiarize themselves with the common areas that are involved in the lipodissolve procedure, helping them refine their injections to remove as much unwanted fat as possible without inconveniencing the patient.
  • Know needle etiquette and injection technique. You’ll also learn the best place to find localized fat deposits and other areas of excess fat, with the right technique to use to avoid discomfort or pain for your patient during treatment.

Why Go Through Our Lipodissolve Training

Improve the results of your fat loss treatments.

By understanding the development and locations of fat tissue, you’re able to apply the lipodissolve injections with more finesse during your treatments. By targeting subcutaneous fat, you’re able to bring your patient closer to their desired result.

Avoid serious side effects.

Needle injections are not completely painless – especially for patients with sensitive skin. This training course will teach providers the proper pain management protocols and the other ways of managing any side effects a patient may experience during lipodissolve treatment.

Access reference materials.

You’ll be able to access the contents of this training even after course completion, giving you all the information you need about these types of medicated injections. It can also work as an excellent reviewer if you want to pursue continuing education in cosmetic medicine.


Disclaimer About Our Lipodissolve Training

This course is meant for the use of aesthetic practitioners, medical professionals, and other trained individuals for cosmetic practices. It is not meant for patients who want to learn how to administer lipodissolve injections to themselves.

This course only covers lipodissolve treatments. For more information about other fat reduction injections like mesotherapy, please consult our other courses.

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$300.00 $255.00

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15% Off Online Courses!
Purchase & earn 300 points!