How To Use ZO Growth Factor Serum

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With anti-aging skincare products being sought-after throughout the world, it’s not surprising that growth factors and their ability in supporting skin and hair health have been integrated into many skincare lines. In particular, the ZO growth factor serum has been rising in popularity as the product aims to restore a youthful appearance by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. 

So how to use ZO growth factor serum? As a general rule of thumb, you should layer it on after any product with a thinner consistency and before thicker products like moisturizer and SPF. Experts have also advised that the serum be applied at night as well to give the product a bigger chance to penetrate your skin and work wonders on it. 

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How to Properly Use and Apply the ZO Growth Factor Serum

The ZO growth factor serum is often used by people hoping to achieve younger and fuller-looking skin but it can also be used by anyone wanting to improve their skin barrier and overall skin health. 

It’s one of the original growth factor serums launched by the skincare and cosmetics world that allowed growth factor technology to be used in a topical application for general consumption. While it is advised to be used at night time it can also be applied in the day as well. 

The growth serum was designed to be easily paired with existing products in your skincare routine and shouldn’t cause any irritation. Generally speaking, you should apply your skincare from thinnest to thickest consistency which includes your ZO growth factor serum. Here’s how to use your ZO growth factor serum correctly:

1) Cleansing

Before using any type of serum or leave-on skincare product you should wash your face. This will ensure that all the dirt and debris will be removed allowing the next products to be properly absorbed into your skin. Regardless of your morning and nighttime skincare routine, you should always start with cleansing. 

2) Toner

While toner has gotten a bad reputation of causing irritation to sensitive skin, it actually helps prepare the skin for serum and treatments while imparting some benefits of its own. 

Depending on your toner, it could actually help exfoliate dead skin, add antioxidants to your skin, and soothe redness in the skin. Toners usually have the thinnest consistency, with most taking on a water-like viscosity, which is why it’s typically applied before any other leave-on product. Like cleansing, toner can be applied both day and night. 

3) ZO Growth Factor Serum

After applying toner, you can now apply your active ingredient products and serums like the ZO growth factor serum. Using treatment serums with growth factors and other active ingredients is believed to help a lot with aging skin conditions. 

In fact, this serum is often the main product that addresses issues like skin firmness and wrinkles. ZO growth factor serum has a gel-like consistency that can be easily absorbed into the skin as part of your daily skincare routine.

4) Moisturizer

As one of the thickest skincare products in a normal skincare regime, moisturizing is one of the last things that should be applied. Moisturizers are recommended for both dry and oily skin as it helps with hydration and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. 

It has been said that using moisturizers will help lock in your serums ensuring you get their full benefits. You can apply moisturizer morning and night.

5) SPF

While ZO Growth factor serum is a great anti-aging product, the serum will likely be less effective without sun protection. The main cause of wrinkles and fine lines is the loss of collagen which can be caused by UV rays and sun damage. 

Adding SPF to your skincare regimen won’t only help ZO growth factor serum work better but will also prevent future skin damage. As SPF requires the thickest application compared to other products, SPF should be applied last. 

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What Does the ZO Growth Factor Serum Do?

The ZO growth factor serum is meant to boost quantities of growth factors found in your skin. This will not only help with skin cell repairs but will also boost basic skin functions and give your skin a more youthful appearance.  

With growth factor technology, the serum is meant to stimulate collagen growth and production within your body. With the additional collagen found in your body, it’s only natural that you’ll see improvements in skin health and skin appearance. 

According to ZO Skin Health Clinic, ZO Growth Factor Serum can be likened to a retinol product as it effectively aids skin rejuvenation. However, unlike retinol, growth serums are better suited to sensitive skin types as it is not as harsh or irritating to the skin. 

As an alternative to retinol, ZO Growth Serum can minimize the appearance of expression lines, produce brighter skin, smooth wrinkles,  improve skin texture, and just improve the overall appearance of skin.

During a clinical study using ZO Growth Serum, around 95% of patients say that the topical growth factor serum positively affected their skin with improvements to their texture issues after just 8 weeks. 

Additionally, 78% reported that just after 12 weeks, they began to see firmer and tighter skin thanks to the growth serum application. Once the 12- week clinical study ended, it was concluded that at least 92% of participants saw anti-aging benefits to their skin and felt significant improvements to their skin barrier.

Are There Any Downsides to Using ZO Growth Factor Serum?

Unlike other serums and skincare products with active ingredients, the ZO Growth Factor Serum was created specifically for people with sensitive skin. As growth factors are typically linked with cell repair and cell healing, they shouldn’t cause any irritation or burning sensations that you may get from other anti-aging products like retinol. 

With the healing factors integrated into its formula, the serum should not only be soothing and gentle to the skin but will also prevent future damage from occurring on your skin. Overall, ZO Growth Factor serum should be very safe for the majority of the population. 

If you’re concerned about the negative effects it may have on your skin, you should consult your dermatologist and ask if there are any ingredients that may cause an allergic or adverse reaction to your skin in particular.  

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The use of growth factors in cosmetics has been rising in popularity thanks to its ability to support skin and hair health leading to a more youthful appearance. While there’s a slew of over-the-counter products that integrate growth factors into topical and oral medication, medical-grade products will always provide better and more long-lasting results. 

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