How to Become a Wax Esthetician

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esthetician performs wax procedure

If you’re fascinated by the art of hair removal and want to begin a rewarding career transforming skin smoothness, becoming a waxing specialist could be the perfect path. 

With proper training and dedication to your craft, you can gain expertise in techniques like Brazilian waxing and provide clients with safe, effective hair removal and flawless results

At FaceMed Store, our team of experienced waxing professionals understands the preparation it takes to succeed in this specialized role. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to become a licensed, skilled wax esthetician.

Getting Started in a Fulfilling Waxing Career

What does it take to embark on a career as a professional waxing expert? Here are some of the first steps to take when getting started:

Choose the Right Esthetics Training Program

Look for schools that offer dedicated waxing instruction, not just general esthetics basics. Some programs have specializations in advanced Brazilian or body waxing techniques

Make sure your program thoroughly covers critical skills like sanitation procedures, client communication, and business operations.

Obtain Waxing Certification and Licensure

Research the specific waxing and esthetics license requirements in your state. Most states require you to complete an accredited program, pass written and practical exams, and submit licensing fees

Some states may require a background check. Specialize in techniques like Brazilian waxing with advanced certifications.

Understand Waxing Methods and Safety Best Practices

Quality training programs will teach you proper waxing techniques, how to handle and prepare waxes for ideal consistency, safety protocols like sanitation, understanding contraindications, and preventing complications

This knowledge is vital to clients’ well-being. Practice extensively before offering services.

Proper Sanitation and Safety Protocols in Waxing

Disinfecting SurfacesDisinfect all work areas and beds with EPA-registered disinfectant before each client.
Hand HygieneThoroughly sanitize hands and wear disposable gloves when handling waxes.
Applicator SafetyUse disposable applicators and never double dip into wax pots.
Tool SanitizationFrequently sanitize tweezers, spatulas, etc. through disinfecting, autoclaving or UV light.
Wax TemperatureOnly heat wax to minimum temperature needed for ideal consistency.
Client ContactAvoid unnecessary contact or speaking over clients during bikini waxes.
Reusing SuppliesNever reuse supplies contacted by clients’ skin. Contain and sanitize after use.
Broken SkinTake extra precautions if waxing areas with broken skin or irritation.
Ill ClientsReschedule appointments if a client seems ill to protect everyone.

Building Your Waxing Skills and Developing Expertise

a portrait of a woman underwent waxing treatment

Once you’ve completed initial training, continually build upon your knowledge with these tips:

Practice Proper Waxing Techniques for All Body Areas

Diligently practice waxing techniques during school and even after graduation to refine your approach for delicate areas like the face, underarms, and bikini region. 

Precision comes with experience. Have instructors audit your progress.

Effective Pain Management Techniques During Waxing

Topical AnestheticsApply lidocaine creams 30-60 minutes pre-wax to numb skin.
Wax TemperatureUse ideal wax temperature and consistency. Test on yourself first.
Cooling ApplicatorsChill wax applicators and rollers in a mini refrigerator.
Skin TensionAdjust positioning to make skin taut and smooth.
Soothing PowderApply powder post-waxing for cooling relief.
DistractionProvide stress balls, conversation, counting, etc.
Verbal WarningsWarn before waxing sensitive areas.
Swift PrecisionWork quickly and confidently.
Breathing ExercisesGuide clients through deep breathing.
Skin StretchingUse non-dominant hand to stretch skin.

Study Hair Types, Growth Cycles, and Skin Interactions

Understand how factors like genetics, health, age, and medications affect hair growth patterns, texture, and ideal removal methods. Recognize contraindications. Know when to advise clients against waxing.

Handle and Prepare Waxes with Care

Practice heating hard and soft waxes to optimal temperatures and consistencies. Become attuned to working properties and tack. Use quality waxes from trusted brands like FaceMed Store.

Take Continuing Education Classes

Even after licensure, continue taking advanced classes to stay updated on new techniques and innovations like sugaring paste formulas. Attending seminars also fulfills licensing renewal requirements.

Building a Successful Waxing Business

Once you’ve honed your skills, you’ll need to develop smart business acumen to create a thriving waxing practice:

Create a Business Plan

Craft a detailed business plan including your services, fee structure, location, equipment needs, hiring projections, and financial goals. This will require extensive research as you define your ideal waxing niche.

Choose a Business Structure and Obtain Licensing

Will you operate as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation? Consult lawyers and accountants for advice about liability protections, taxes, and regulations. Apply for all required state and local business licenses.

Secure Commercial Space and Inventory Supplies

Look for salon suites or storefronts in high visibility locations with sufficient treatment rooms for client privacy during Brazilian waxes. Stock up on quality waxes, rollers, applicators, linens, and other essentials from wholesale suppliers like FaceMed Store.

Market Your Waxing Business

Promote your grand opening and services across channels – social media, local publications, mailers, advertisements, and partnerships with neighboring businesses. Offer promotions to attract new clients.

Providing Safe, Customized Waxing Services

Now it’s time to put your waxing expertise into action and deliver exceptional client experiences:

Consult with Clients and Set Expectations

Explain the process, assess their needs, and identify any contraindications during a pre-waxing consultation. Give clients treatment choices and set clear expectations around modesty and comfort.

Ensure Client Comfort and Modesty

Provide robes, drapes, and develop strategies to help clients of all genders feel at ease during Brazilian waxes. Never make assumptions about preferences.

Execute Precise Techniques for Smooth Results

Remove hair in a single pass when possible, holding skin taut for efficiency and comfort. Use post-wax products to soothe and calm skin. Clients will appreciate your attention to detail.

Provide Aftercare Instructions

Explain proper care for 24-48 hours post-waxing to minimize irritation and promote healing. Recommend products to avoid ingrown hairs naturally and safely. Offer to personally check in on results.

Advancing Your Waxing Career Over Time

Truly skilled wax specialists view education and improvement as lifelong endeavors. Here are some tips for continually progressing in your career:

Take Continuing Education Courses

Regularly enroll in classes related to new waxing techniques, safety protocols, and changes in the industry as they emerge. Meeting education requirements helps maintain your license.

Follow Waxing Trends and Innovations

Stay in tune with new wax types and formulas, applicator technologies, specialty techniques, and shifting client preferences by engaging with your professional community. Adapt appropriately.

Consider Offering New Services

Expand your repertoire with services like sugaring, threading, or male Brazilian waxing. Invest in advanced training to ensure competence. This retains existing clients and attracts new demographics.

Join Industry Networks and Associations

Organizations like the American Waxing Association provide invaluable opportunities for waxing education, networking, industry advocacy, and continuing education scholarships. Get involved!


esthetician and her client inside the clinic

With dedication to comprehensive training, business acumen, and client service, you can gain expertise in techniques like Brazilian waxing and launch a profitable, professional waxing practice. 

We hope this guide has provided a helpful roadmap to becoming a licensed, highly-skilled wax esthetician

Contact the waxing professionals at FaceMed Store to inquire about our top-quality waxes and supplies perfectly suited for both new and established waxing specialists. We’re here to support you on your rewarding waxing career journey!

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