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Healthcare providers and centers across the country have opened self-testing sites to help patients find out if they have the virus. These testing kits are used for patients over 15 years old who have been potentially exposed to carriers of the COVID-19-causing virus.

Even if there hasn’t been prior exposure, patients are still advised to undergo rapid antigen testing if they’re going to attend indoor gatherings. This is especially important for older individuals, immunocompromised, close contacts, and unvaccinated children.

The antigen test is one of the major types of COVID 19 testing that healthcare workers use to see if a patient is infected with the virus. It’s less accurate than a PCR or molecular test, but it provides results quickly. Early detection of the virus is extremely important in helping contain it and stop other people from getting infected.

Antigens are the substances in the body that cause it to produce antibodies important for immune response. Rapid antigen test kits use antibodies made in the laboratory to search the patient’s nasal or saliva sample for specific antigens from the COVID 19-causing virus.

  • Shows quick test results in under an hour after the patient’s swab sample has been processed
  • Detects most variants of the coronavirus, even Omicron although with decreased sensitivity than other variants
  • Includes 25 individually packed testing kits
  • Has a high accuracy rate for detecting the virus that causes COVID-19 infection
  • More accurate if the patient has COVID 19 symptoms
  • Can be used as a home test kit or as a rapid test kit for clinics and medical centers

Patients who tested positive for the virus should follow quarantine protocols and isolate themselves at home, in a healthcare facility, or a designated isolation center near them. Doctors should constantly keep in touch with the patient to monitor their condition and prescribe medications as needed to help relieve some of the COVID-19 symptoms.

The patient should also inform their close contacts who might have been exposed to the virus. If they think that the test result is false, contact a healthcare provider to see if they need additional testing.

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COVID Testing Kits (Box of 25)


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Sienna COVID Testing Kit offers a convenient and quick way to test your patients and see if they have the virus using the antigens in the body. With easy-to-follow instructions on the box, this simple COVID detection and collection kit can be used anytime and anywhere in just 15 minutes.

Just follow these steps when using the antigen COVID test kit:

  1. Open the package and take out the swab wrapper
  2. Make sure to only grasp the sides of the plastic end
  3. Do not touch the soft end to avoid contaminating it before getting the sample
  4. Insert the soft end of the swab into the nostril until there’s a resistance
  5. Gently rotate the swab about 5 times on the nasal lining
  6. Repeat the steps in the other nostril
  7. Collect the sample for processing and wait until it shows results
  8. A negative result shows 1 line on the sample tray while a positive result shows 2 lines

DISCLAIMER: The Sienna COVID Testing Kit is effective in detecting the Omicron variant of the virus, but with reduced sensitivity compared to other variants. To get a more accurate result, patients are advised to undergo a molecular or PCR test in their nearest testing center.