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Blood Collection Needle – 23G 1.5 inch – Box of 100


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Blood extractions are a necessary procedure for both medical and aesthetic practices. But to maximize efficiency and maintain patient comfort, you’ll want to use a blood collection needle that offers sufficient sharpness, precision, and reliability. This is why our blood collection needles are a must-have in your cart to improve your operational costs while providing the highest level of service to your patients. 

Each hypodermic needle set comes with 100 sterilized, individually capped, latex-free needles. The 23G gauge size is a fairly larger size, allowing better blood extraction from major veins around your patient’s body. It’s built for efficiency, allowing you to extract multiple samples with just one single puncture, while its sharp and smooth edges allow you to penetrate your patients’ skin with precision and minimize injection side effects like pain and bruising. 

At FACE Med Store, we offer medical-grade products needed for everyday users and practices looking for quality supplies at competitive costs. For other blood extraction tools, check out our other products:

Features of Blood Collection Needle
  • 23 Gauge, 1.5-inch blood collection needle. Its size and gauge allow medical and aesthetic practices to efficiently extract blood from major veins in key locations around your patient’s body. 
  • Easy connective base. Its latex-free plastic base makes it easy to connect the needle to compatible rubber stoppers and blood draw needle holders. This helps secure the needle in place during the extraction process. 
  • Single-use needle. Each needle has sharp and smooth edges that minimize the pain and discomfort of the blood extraction process. This also reduces the risk of contamination or infection, ensuring your patients’ safety. 
Benefits of Blood Collection Needle
  • Minimize side effects. Top-quality needles are a necessity for procedures like blood extractions. Sharp, single-use needles ensure that each patient’s puncture has minimal pain and discomfort. Improve your patients’ overall experience with our products. 
  • Improve your performance. Together with the rest of our blood extraction products, you and your team can conduct blood extractions quickly with minimal hassle and risk of contaminating your blood samples. 
  • Cost-effective solutions for your operations. One order gives you 100 sterile needles for extractions. Reduce your operational expenses for supplies and get the best exclusive deals from FACE Med Store. 
Using Blood Collection Needles

Sterilize the injection site. Remove the blood collection needle from its packaging and attach it to your needle holder. Assemble the rest of your blood collection set (butterfly needles, blood collection tube, etc.), uncap the needle, and begin extraction. 

After the blood extraction process, disassemble the components and ensure the needles are tightly re-capped. Dispose of the single-use items separate from the blood collection needles and other sharp items. Throw away sharp items according to your local guidelines. 

For more inquiries about our blood extraction needles or to get in touch with our customer support team for other concerns, contact FACE Med Store today.

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